So, today I went to apply for a Visa to visit the USA. Despite holding a full UK passport, I am deemed SO dangerous that I have to make a special application for a full Visa.

It’s quite amazing to wander from 2006 back in time to the 1970’s as far as daft ways of working and red tape are concerned.

While they warn you that the application process in the building can take a few hours, they neglect to tell you that you will spend an hour outside the building in the rain just queueing up to be allowed in!

Not a nice welcome to the Embassy.

After getting through security, where for the first time I was mandated to remove my belt – even though that has never ever triggered a metal detector – even when going into nuclear facilities, where understandably, the security is a tad tighter.

…anyhow, a woman checked my paperwork then asked if I had filled in a form, not knowing what a V01 (or whatever it was she called it) form was I was rummaging though all the paperwork I had filled in only to find that I had filled it in.

Why do bureaucrats never ever refer to forms by plain language rather than referring to obscure codes?

A first interview – I think that is mainly to check if my paperwork is in order.

Then waiting, and waiting – other people behind me in the queue got seen first, but eventually I was seen.

Go along to the second interview room, and mine is in a private area with a screen. Yikes!

The chap checks a few details – and I now have to wait weeks for a secondary approval.

It seems (I think) that the consulate has approved my waver – but now the Department of Homeland Security has to study my application, and then I might get the Visa.

All this, just to make a flying trip in and out of the country!


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