It’s two years to the day since I collapsed outside the office and ended up being carted off to hospital in an Ambulance.

And the start of several months of serious ickyness – although in hindsight, I had been ill for some considerable time. I was already seeing doctors anyway about being constantly tired and lethargic, we just didn’t know just how close I was to, well – dying – at the time.

The whole thing was caught with probably no more than a few days before it would have been too late to recover from. As it was – there was still about a 30% of mortality in the first weekend I spent in hospital.

I just thought I needed a holiday – ironically, the holiday I had planned would have probably kiled me. I was very ill, and the blood tests etc were taking a very long time to sort out.

Two years later, and generally better. Certainly I am physically fine, and the medications etc are all working as expected.

The memory loss seems to have mostly cleared up, but I am still suffering an annoying level of mental enhaustion.

I used to be able to work 12-14 hours a day without even getting tired (and sometimes, doing multiple days in a stretch) – but now I am dropping after maybe 10 hours and need regular breaks, including a bit of a doze in the late afternoon, usually on the train home if I was in the office.

I know some people think working 10+ hours should make you tired, but it never used to – and I want to get back to that state again. I like being busy.

Bloody annoying – but hopefully, things will continue to improve over time, just very slowly.

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