If you were a commuter on the London Overground, it seems that unknown to most of us, it is possible to travel all the way to the USA, and probably back.

Thanks to a bit of a mistake and the use of filming people in front of green screen’s, an American commuter was seen riding to work, in the USA, on a London Overground train.

Yes, you can even see the Overground map in some bits.


Although the commuters then get off trains that are nothing like as shiny and new as our London trains.


The clip only appears for a few seconds, but in the fevered pitch of US politics that is enough for the clip to be dissected and the background analysed to see if there is a flaw in that can be exploited.

OMG – that’s not a real authentic good old American train they will say, and claim it’s an example of how the government is evil or something.

Personally, I think most Americans would be quite delighted to travel on the London Overground.

That said, I am deeply grateful that they didn’t use a tube train background by mistake. The howls of anguish from the tube geeks would be deafening.


Incidentally, you used to be able to board a train in London and travel to the USA — at least in theory. Trains ran from Paddington to Bristol, then you took a boat to the USA and carried on by train there. All on the same ticket.

I wonder what zone that would be on the tube map?

Via Telegraph


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  1. martin says:

    I’m not sure that’s even an American commuter – she’s holding a BR-style ticket, and I think that’s a Pret coffee cup. Probably just a bit of stock footage they forgot to check the provenance of.

  2. dave_in_chiswick says:

    With regard to your last paragraph, you can now in fact board a train in Bristol and travel to Singapore on a single ticket:


    (and yes that is a real photo)

  3. Maggie says:

    I love Obama’s America if it means we get a secret Overground train disguised as a MARC train that takes us to London!

  4. Greg says:

    This video is private.

  5. Roy says:

    As noted, the video is now private so I can’t see the whole thing. I’m pretty sure (seeing as I rode in on one today) that the still of the pax getting off is a Metro-North Shoreliner diesel push-pull set at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

    I dare say folks in those parts of the US with little or no public transport would prefer to have the Overground, but as a former commuter on SouthEastern now commuting on Metro-North, all I can say is please keep your cramped little toy trains. Here in the US we have a loading guage big enough to fit 3+2 seating that 3+2 adults can comfortably sit in without having to scrunch up their shoulders to their ears!

  6. Nicholas Bennett says:

    Bought a return day ticket from Bromley South to Calais on December 30th. Bus at Dover Priory to docks and then exchanged for P&O docket for ferry. £18.75 with senior rail card.

  7. Smurf says:

    Since your video is private it makes the rest of your post a bit pointless really

    • IanVisits says:

      It’s not “my video”, but a video made by a US political organisation, and whether they choose to make it public or not does not in any way make the observations I made about the mistake in the video “pointless”>

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