An email from the DLR says I can vote for one of three designs that will be used following a revamp of the trains. However, I might describe it as choosing from one of two designs, and play spot the difference between two designs, as I can barely see any change.

Here is one design:


And here are the other two.



Can you see the difference between the second and third options? I think it’s the slight colour difference on the little triangles below the lamps. I think.

In reality, you have a choice between a red front or a black front.

If you care enough about the colour scheme, then voting is here.


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  1. Dave says:

    The blue on the front pillar on the left of the third picture starts significantly higher than in the second

  2. JaJaWa says:

    The main difference between 2 and 3 is definitely the black border seal around the front window

  3. Darren says:

    “We’re looking to refresh the front of our vehicles” – so they strike due to lack of money and spend money “refreshing” the front of trains???

  4. Greg Tingey says:

    So far, your option1, their option 3 appears to be winning – which is how I voted, incidentally.

  5. Max Stone says:

    The difference between the three designs seems to be:

    Black trim and black face panel
    Red trim and red face panel
    Black trim and red face panel

    oh the agony of choice.

  6. Joanna Cronin says:

    It’s too much for me! I just can’t choose. ……….

  7. Peter says:

    JaJaWa is right. Difference is in windscreen rubber. Open these pictures in your browser in different tabs and click from one to another and you’ll see the difference.

  8. Dan Coleman says:

    The first one (all black) would match the new stock… makes sense.

  9. Johann vR says:

    Great……… so you have your images in a different order than on their website?!!? DOH. So you look here and think yes I’ll vote option 1 and then you vote option 1 on the other side to find you voted for the wrong train… Brilliant. Great logic there I have to say. Ta.

  10. Petras409 says:

    Oh dear, Black front look to be winning. HOW BORING !

    All other trains in the UK have high visibility front ends. So, DLR goes for ultra low visibility. Why ?

  11. Nick Hickton says:

    I’m wondering why they need those amber indicators …..

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