UPDATE – tube strike called off – details here.

Transport for London (TfL) is warning customers that planned strike action by the RMT union next week may cause severe disruption across the tube network if it goes ahead.

A previous strike due earlier this month was called off at the last minute, and unless there is another last minute deal, there will be two strikes next week:

  • Noon on Tuesday 24th Aug to noon on Wednesday 25th Aug.
  • Noon on Thursday 26th Aug to noon on Friday 27th Aug.

TfL expects that if the strike goes ahead, it would mean a significantly reduced service on all Tube lines for most of the week, and that journeys may need to be completed early on some days.

The dispute is over plans to merge Night Tube staff with the rest of the tube drivers, so that those night tube drivers who want to can progress to full-time roles. However it also means some existing tube drivers would also work some night tube shifts — the gap between 2am-5am, which is the core of the dispute.

TfL says that no driver has been forced to switch to part- or full-time if they do not want to do, while the RMT says it is worried about work-life ballance.

If the strike goes ahead, TfL says that customers should complete journeys on the Tube by 1pm on Tuesday and Thursday, while it is possible that no service at all will operate on some lines at times during the action.

London Underground is also dealing with short-term, short-notice service changes caused by coronavirus-related absences and so more detailed travel advice will be made available as soon as possible next week.


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  1. ASLEF shrugged says:

    Rumours around the mess room that its been quietly called off

    • R.Petrov says:

      Sorry my language but I am pised off this people ..They always want something and people in London are their hostages This must be stopped.

  2. Chris says:

    Turn on the Full ATO. Problem solved.

    • Brian Butterworth says:

      I see that the DLR’s Passenger Service Assistants are still PRETENDING TO DRIVE THE TRAINS even though they no longer have the front and back doors blocked off..

      I miss the days when the PSA kept the DLR a happy place and when they didn’t feel the need to run to the front at every terminal.

    • ASLEF shrugged says:

      Oh dear, someone is a bit confused

      ATO (Automatic Train Operation) is Grade of Automation 2 (GoA2) with a driver in the cab, the Tube already has that several lines.

      DTO (Driverless Train Operation) is GoA3, the DLR has that with a member of staff on board

      UTO (Unattended Train Operations) is GoA4 without a member of staff of board

      TfL carried out a faecality study for GoA3 on the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City Line after new trains and signalling had been introduced (2024 – 203???)

      The conclusion was that it was economically unviable, would take years and could only be possible with the full cooperation of the driver unions

      Try again

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