Update: The procedure has changed since the below was written. Click on the link for the latest details of how to request tickets to see Have I Got News for You being recorded

Point your web browser towards: http://www.hattrick.co.uk/tickets/index_tickets.php and good luck. As the tickets are sometimes released a little bit earlier than midday, it is usually worth refreshing the page a few times from 11:30 onwards to make sure you don’t miss out.

haveigotnewsforyouFull details of what happens when you apply on an earlier blog post.

The next batch of tickets will be released around August/Sept.


It seems that the Hattrick website crashed as it took loads of reloads to get pages to work. That hasn’t happened before, which I guess is a testament to the growing popularity of the show – or the increasing need for free entertainment in these credit crunch times.

I’ve ended up booking tickets for four different dates as I was reloading the page several times when the site crashed, but I usually get just one set of tickets, which seems perfectly fair to me.

Prays for a fantastic guest presenter!


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  1. Jerome says:

    I’ve been waiting ages for these tickets – I’ve never been before. In the end I didn’t manage to get the site to work until two hours after the tickets were released. I expect I was too late to get anything. I’m pretty damn depressed now. 🙁

  2. Bryony says:

    Did you enter your details in Jerome or did it just tell you they were all gone? I didn’t think I’d got any because it wouldn’t process my requests, it just crashed endlessly. But then this evening I got about 4 confirmation emails saying that I had applied and I would hear back in due course.
    I can’t believe how difficult they were to get; like you, whenever I’ve got tickets HIGNFY before, it’s been really easy. Like you, I’ve now got several emails because I couldn’t tell if it was working or not! Fingers crossed it’ll all work out for the best hey!

  3. Jerome says:

    Bryony – I managed to enter my details, but by then it was a good two hours later. So even though I got a confirmation email later on, I doubt I’ll actually get any tickets. Oh, and when I said “never been before”, I meant I’ve never actually been to the show before – this would be my first time! Anyhow, good luck with your tickets, hope you manage to get some!

  4. IanVisits says:

    I had one more email limp in late last night, so it seems that I actually applied for five dates – which I don’t remember doing, but such was the confusion with the site anything is possible.

    Fingers crossed that one of the applications is approved.

  5. Jerome says:

    Just heard back from them, no tickets for me. Hope you have more luck than I did!

    • IanVisits says:

      Their website has been updated with a note that a “new tickets area coming later this year” – maybe the massive crash on the server for the last batch of tickets has prompted them to change the procedure.

  6. PAULP says:

    Yes it’s very difficult to get ticktes for this cult classic, I have been twice before when it was filmed at the old site out near Wembley if memory serves me right.

    It remains a highlight of the week and the last episode with Frank Skinner as guest host was up there as one of the best in recent times!! Roll on Friday night!!

  7. PAULP says:

    Just to say I got 4 tickets for show 4 and am very very very happy, can’t wait to 4th November……

    • VirginiaW says:

      Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any tickets, was in a meeting and went online 15min ago..
      Didn’t realise they would all be gone in a couple of hours.
      I am so sad, I wanted to offer this treat as a birthday present to my boyfriend ;-(
      Well, better get creative..
      If any of you have extra tickets, let me know!!!! 😉
      Enjoy the show!

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