The Transport Museum is announcing a fresh batch of tours of the Hidden parts of the London Underground once again.

For the first time, Hidden London is also bringing some movie magic to its historic Aldwych disused station tours with a complimentary film screening of the award-winning film Darkest Hour (2017). Film fans will also have the chance to walk in the footsteps of James Bond during the Charing Cross tour and complimentary Skyfall (2012) screening.

Alongside these new screenings, other Hidden London tours this summer include Down Street, Highgate, Euston, Clapham South and 55 Broadway.

Hidden London tour tickets go on sale on Friday 8th March at 10am – although if you sign up for their newsletter (bottom of this page), then you get early booking on Thursday 7th March.

Highgate: Wilderness Walkabout

Highgate station is a quiet oasis in an urban setting. The tantalising evidence of its past has gradually been reclaimed by nature and it is hard to imagine that it was once set to become a bustling interchange, speeding passengers on their way to central London.

Find out why it now lies in a secluded vale as an urban wilderness home to protected species.

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Dates: Wednesday – Sunday, 11 July – 4 August
Times: Various
Duration: 75 minutes
Tickets:Adult £35.00; Concession £30.00

Details here

Clapham South: Subterranean shelter

Hidden beneath Clapham Common and the surrounding streets lies an engineering marvel, a piece of London’s history that played a vital role in the nation’s defence during its darkest hours.

Clapham South deep-level shelter is one of eight Second World War civilian deep shelters built in London that reveal the extraordinary stories of those who sheltered here, from Londoners seeking refuge during the Blitz, to Caribbean migrants arriving on the Empire Windrush.

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Dates: Wednesday – Sunday, 11 April – 14 April, 25 – 26 April, 1 May – 5 May 2019
Times: Various
Duration: 75 mins
Tickets: Adult £35.00, Concession £30.00

Details here

55 Broadway: London’s First Skyscraper

2019 marks the 90th anniversary of 55 Broadway’s construction. Commissioned as the new headquarters of the Underground Group, the building was London’s first skyscraper. 55 Broadway’s exterior features sculptures by some of the most celebrated and controversial artists of the day and is now a Grade 1 listed structure.

Your tour will give you elite access to London Underground’s iconic former headquarters, and a new perspective on the capital city as you journey up 14 storeys (mostly by lift) to see beautifully designed offices, grand meeting rooms, and stunning rooftop views.

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Dates: Saturday – Sunday, 13 – 14 April, 25 – 26 May, 15 – 16 June, 6 – 7 July, 10 – 11 August 2019
Times: Various
Duration: 90 mins approx
Tickets: Adult £38.50, Concessions £33.50

Details here

Charing Cross: Access all Areas

Situated at the point where the Strand and Trafalgar Square meet, Charing Cross station provides access to an area of London familiar to Londoners and tourists, but few would guess what lies beneath the streets.

Closed to the public since 1999, the Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross are now synonymous with movie and TV filming. This is a unique opportunity to view the sites where blockbuster movies such as Paddington Bear (2013) and Skyfall (2011/12) were filmed.

Dates: Wednesday – Sunday, 25 April – 23 May, 12 July – 4 August 2019
Times: Various
Duration: 75 mins
Tickets:Adult £41.50, Concession £36.50

Details here

Euston: The Lost Tunnels

Few of the 42 million customers who use Euston Underground station every year would guess that they pass within metres of not one, but two disused stations as they make their way through the modern passageways. See a gallery of preserved vintage advertising poster fragments that have been concealed for over 50 years.

Learn about the newest innovations to the Tube and Network Rail station and witness the remains of its past before the site is transformed for the arrival of HS2.

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Dates: Wednesday – Thursday, 5 June – 20 June 2019; Wednesday – Sunday, 23 August – 22 September
Times: Various
Duration: 75 mins
Tickets: Adult £41.50; Concessions £36.50

Details here

Aldwych: The End of the Line

Aldwych station has provided shelter for Londoners during the Blitz, secure wartime storage for valuable artworks, an ideal space for emergency planning and practice on the Tube and a unique backdrop for film and TV productions including Darkest Hour (2017), Sherlock (2014), Mr Selfridge (2013) and Atonement (2007).

The station has been closed to the public since 1994, so this is an opportunity to see this ‘secret station’ for yourself.

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Dates: Friday – Sunday, 1 June – 23 June 2019
Times: Various
Duration: 75 mins
Location: Aldwych station, Surrey Street WC2R 2NE
Tickets: Adult £41.50, Concessions £36.50

Details here

Aldwych station tour and Darkest Hour screening

Hidden London will take visitors into one of London’s secret spaces, Aldwych station, to discover how this station that was first opened in 1907 has come to be well-known as a filming location.

Guests will have the chance to visit the ticket hall and abandoned platforms before heading to London Transport Museum’s Cubic Theatre to enjoy a screening of Darkest Hour with a glass of champagne (or a beer, wine or soft drink) and munch on popcorn.

Dates: Saturday – Sunday, 1 June – 23 June
Times: Various
Duration: 75 mins
Tickets: Adult £65.00, Concession £60.00

Details here

Charing Cross: Station tour and complimentary Skyfall screening

A special opportunity for Bond fans to access one of the top-secret London locations where Skyfall was filmed. Hidden London takes visitors to the disused spaces of Charing Cross Underground station, going behind closed doors to areas not accessible to the public.

Film fans will have the chance to visit where iconic moments of the film were made before heading over to London Transport Museum’s Cubic Theatre to enjoy a screening of the film while they can sip on a martini (or a beer, wine or soft drink) and munch on popcorn.

Dates: Saturday – Sunday, 4 – 5 May; Sunday 19 May; Saturday – Sunday, 20 July – 4 August 2019
Times: 12:30 tour start time; 14:15 film start time
Duration: 4 hours (approx.)
Tickets: Adult £65.00; Concessions £60.00

Details here

Down Street: Churchill’s Secret Station

Located in Mayfair between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park stations, Down Street had a short life as a working station from 1907 to 1932, but became critical to winning the Second World War when covertly transformed into the Railway Executive Committee’s bomb-proof headquarters.

Experience the warren of narrow tunnels where the nation’s railways were coordinated and Prime Minister Winston Churchill secretly took refuge at the height of the Blitz.

IanVisits review

Dates: Wednesday – Sunday, 17 May – 30 June, 16 August – 27 September
Times: Various
Duration: 90 minutes
Tickets: Adult £85.00, Concession £80.00

Details here


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  1. Barry Moulton says:

    I just don’t understand the pricing ….
    Absolutely outrageous, you don’t deserve any visitors.

    Hope it fails

  2. John Chalmers says:

    The tours look wonderful,unfortunately,the prices are prohibitive. As an OAP,just cant afford them!

  3. Tatiana Sumari says:

    Such great hidden places to visit with important history. It should be more available to the public, extra dates and times, perhaps that way the prices are not overly exuberant. Even the price for the Concessions is unrealistic, it is basically more than half of what it is received on the week for support.
    Please make these tours more affordable to all people… they are great pieces of history to visit.

  4. Brian Ward says:

    Totally agree with the comments above about pricing. Unjustifiable prices, and to include a film showing for £18.50 over the tour price is ridiculous.

  5. mr PETER JC DIXON says:

    absolutely brilliant idea! Fertile ground for children’s adventure stories , TV series! Unfortunately the price excludes pensioners, 90% of the average family, perhaps millionaires must be the intended target audience???

  6. Mark Carmichael says:

    I see Dick Turpin is alive and well, working at TFL! These prices are outrageous.

  7. Helen Putera says:

    I have wanted to do this every time it’s advertised, but the ticket price for my daughter and I is way more than we can afford. The ticket price is too high for average families to be able to enjoy a part of our history that should be open to all before it’s lost.

  8. Sara Blackmore says:

    Bright idea, silly prices!

  9. Michael Churchill says:

    I knew what I’d see in the comments… Don’t have a go at Ian, he’s not setting the prices, have a go at the Transport Museum.

  10. Gerard says:

    I fear only rich gullible tourists will be fooled into paying such exorbitant prices. 👎👎👎👎👎

    These venues are available from other suppliers without such silly prices.

    • Liz says:

      Are they???? Only the LTM offers access to these tube stations on limited days of the year.

  11. Sue says:

    Really good idea but come on!!!!!! Exhorbatant prices cannot be justified for whatever reasons you give. I would love to go but absolutely no way at those prices. Think again please!!!!!!!

  12. Why so prohibitively expensive. So interesting….too much to pay.

  13. TomH says:

    I’m sure there will be plenty of enthusiasts willing to pay these prices – I’m just disappointed that they are so high they preclude access to those less able to afford (or allocated funds to this). The fact that prices can be charged (and the event be sold out) doesn’t always mean they should be charged.

  14. Dr Chris Doyle says:

    If you want to spend up to £85 to see a disused London Tube station, I firat suggest you visit your GP and seek a referral to your local Psychiatric Hospital.

    • ianvisits says:

      Some might say the same about people paying similar prices to watch a football match — but while I personally would never want to do that, I respect those who do and don’t make snide remarks about the state of their mental health.

  15. Sajida Bandukwala says:

    The ticket prices are so ridiculously high. I would like to do each one of these tours but now I will have to choose just one or two.

  16. JP says:

    I imagine that the fundamentals of supply and demand come into play, along with group size limits, insurance and health and safety provisions,like ’em or not. If you are interested enough, you will find a way, surely; if not this time, then next or next year.
    Yes the price is a certain amount, but save a quid a day for a month and a half and bingo!
    Yes the concessions are all but derisory, although such things are rare beasts today.
    The ticket price must cover the expense of the visit or it’s coming out of the museum’s repair-a-bus-seat type fund.
    In the real world, it’s plausible that it could contribute to the museum’s coffers ~ as most similar events do ~ otherwise it’s museum staff showing people around out of the goodness of their hearts.
    Any ideas?

  17. Raymond Ball says:

    Signed up for newsletter and the saw the prices. What a shambles, way too much you robbing highwaymen

  18. Adrian Watts says:

    Is there a concesion if you book all tours and if so how much

  19. It’s funny how everyone is complaining about these prices, yet every single tour always sells out.

    They’re worth every penny and usually a once in a lifetime experience.

  20. Mick Bishop says:

    How much for the admission fee is a joke because I can go and see my local team Nottingham Forest play for less and it’ll last longer,put the price down to less than £15 and I’ll definitely come to visit, I’d even bring my kids along

  21. Vlad says:

    Sounds interesting, but for that price I can not take a risk to disappoint myself and my wife with the content.

  22. Shaun says:

    The Down street ztour should include a quick tour of Green Parks disused Piccadilly Line tunnels, as these were used as overspill billets for army staff.

  23. edward nimmo says:

    i have just woken up in hospital as i fell over after seeing the prices and hit my head on my tiled floor, when i get discharged tomorrow, i hope my accident has shamed the management into resetting their prices so all these people could enjoy these experiences at reasonable prices, you have to blame brexit for this catastrophe!

  24. Geo DENLAND says:

    So if I want to go on all tours it’s going to cost me £448.00..!!!
    It might be little for someone on the wages of a TFL manager but it is totally outrageous, non-sensical and pure fantasy for anyone already ripped off by the extremely high cost of transport in London.
    It’s a very callous, organised and approved total rip-off and deserves to be totally ignored by everyone and turn it into a resounding fiasco.!!
    Whomever thought of these prices has no idea what ‘real life’ is like.!!
    They deserve whatever karma brings to them.!! 🙂

  25. Richard says:

    Absolute rubbish, do not waste your money people.

  26. Kim Wood says:

    I was so excited when I heard you could visit the disused tunnels. I guessed it wouldn’t be cheap but when I saw the prices there is no way that I could justify that cost in this day and age, with travel and utility bills (among others) rising faster than my wages and the uncertainty of Brexit . My money needs to stay in my account.

    Such a shame.

  27. Barry 'to poor to visit' Jones says:

    I am not sure if I am stuck in the matrix, these prices just seem unbelievable. I hope the owners swallow the green pill and reset these prices to a more reasonable level. I am particularly peaved as my second cousin once removed is a great fan of abandoned tube stations, and I promised his farther on his death bed that I would take his son to all the abandoned tube stations in London. Unfortunately these ludicrous prices are inhibiting me to fulfil this mans dying wishes, until I win the lottery.

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