On a certain May night, the City of London witnesses a most curious sight — the annual Miglia Quadrato taking place once more.

The what?

The Miglia Quadrato is a cross between a car rally and a quiz — with small teams driving around the square mile in vehicles sometimes historic, seeking out clues based on the city’s history.

Photo by Matt BrownMatt Brown

Founded in 1957/8 in the wake of Suez crisis, the rally was a reaction to fuel rationing and offered a diverting road event without consuming too much petrol. Since, then with just the occasional gap, it has taken place in the dead of night once per year.

The event starts at midnight when participants are given a map and a sheet of clues. Twenty easy, Twenty medium, and then twenty testers to trouble tired eyes. Five hours is all that is allowed to solve as many as possible.

There are no cryptic clues – each question may be answered from permanent features of the City. For example, Blue Plaques, architect stones, inscriptions on monuments, etc.

However, while some are easy to spot, others need more hunting, and the difficult ones, a lot of hunting. At night, clues that seem obvious during the day become even harder to spot, and more delightful when found.

A good knowledge of the City of London helps — but a keen eye for details is better. Although it is a road vehicle based event, the real skill is in map reading, and spotting clues in the streets.

Turning up in a vintage, or at least, somewhat eccentric vehicle is encouraged. The use of GPS is discouraged, and mobile phones are forbidden. Basically, no cheating!

As it takes place at night, the event takes place entirely on the streets, footpaths, and public spaces of the City of London, and avoids places where residents sleep.

Attendance to the Miglia Quadrato is limited in number. There is an entry charge of £21 per team, plus £7 if you want them to supply the map. Teams must be of at least 2 people, and no more than 6 people, although four is deemed the sensible limit.

The winners who find the most clues claim the glory.

The exact date of the rally will be revealed only to participants, simply to cut down on unexpected problems spoiling the event, which is heavily dependent on the goodwill of the City Police and City of London authorities.

Not to mention, sleeping residents.

If you can muster up the competitors, and a vehicle, and want to apply, send an email with your credentials to [email protected]

By Julybabyjune - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, By Julybabyjune – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


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  1. Philip says:

    I have taken part in this competition many times (in fact in both the vehicles you feature here, they are great things to look after as well). I highly recommend it to anyone with a car as it’s great fun and you learn about some very interesting nooks and crannies in the Square Mile as well!

  2. M@ says:

    It’s a heap of fun. Knowledge of the City is only marginally useful. My team came almost last despite having London history geeks in our ranks. A good knowledge of the City’s one-way systems would be the single most useful skill.

  3. Just blundered into this UHULMC site and am amazed at M Q still regular after all the years passed since I and Chris Farara and others, co-members UHULMC with e.g; Mike Spence 4WD racing, setup and maintained M Q from 1957 (year we started at ‘Northamton’ St John St now called City University) at an ideal Sq Mile period when there were some dozen residents only and the Barbican didn’t exist other than an intriguing bombsite and historic graves!!!
    So pleased to know we started such a permanent 58yearold feature still of same nature in today’s intense London analysed/taxed traffic. I need a reminder to accompany Chris in 2019 under a nostalgia participation. Until recent change to modern vehicle to accomodate my eightieth year living (and 65th driving) have always worn my UHU car badge since ’57 ! Does UHU still do other rallying etc events (used to be co-op with Hants&Berks, Met Police MC, etc)?
    C F and I inter al are longterm (ex) Hawker Aircraft history.

    I) longterm ex and Members

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