Over the weekend, over on another private website the old chestnut of the fake moon landings was raised, and sensibly put in the bin where it belongs.

man on the moonAs part of the discussion, I mentioned one of the things I learnt when I was able to go on a tour of 10 Downing Street in 2006 and that is in the waiting area at the top of the famous staircase is a small Union Jack Flag along with a few pieces of moon rock – and the sign next to it said that the flag had been taken up on that famous Apollo 11 mission and been on the moon.

Blimy I thought at the time, the British Flag has been to the moon and back – and now sits in a small display case inside 10 Downing Street.

In an odd way – it was actually one of the most notable things for me of the entire visit around the place.

Anyhow, I realised that next year will be the 40th anniversary of the lunar landings, and considering that the UK government recently signed a deal to develop and send probes to the moon – wouldn’t it be an ideal opportunity to put the flag and moon rocks on display for everyone to see?

It could be quite an inspirational thing to show to school children – to say that, even if as just a passenger, the Union Flag has also been to the moon.

If you agree, then why not sign this petition I set up on the Number 10 website and lets see if we can get that display case out into the public – after all, it was a gift to the British people, so let some Brits see it!

Sign this petition

..and tell your friends as well.


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  1. Joel Raupe says:

    Ian, an excellent post indeed. I’ll do my best to spread the word… and whether Downing Street or the White House can maintain any commitment, I’ll remember to take one with me or stash it in the boot of a friend!

  2. my mate reckons there is the britsh/us flag flying on the moon ? i think he is pulling my pisser! whats the anwser?

  3. tasker says:

    If they went to the moon in 69…why is it gonna be another 20+ years before they get the technology to go again? And why would the astronauts try and pull a trick like this?… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIw06kd–is I know its hard to accept you could have been fooled, but how can you explain that nobody could possibly survive going past the Van Halens belt. You can bin this also.

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