If you go onto the roof of Temple tube station at the moment, the formerly grey terrace is a riot of colours, as the entire half-acre space has been filled in with patterned flooring tiles. It’s art, and the first of a series of displays that will appear on top of the tube station over the next few years, organised by theCoLAB Temple as an “artists garden”.

The first installation, which will be here until the end of April 2022 is called Back in the Air: A Meditation on Higher Ground by the London based artist, Lakwena Maciver.

We’re told that it “responds to the sensation the site gives of being raised up into the air, heavenward and is a contemporary vision of Paradise -a haven above the turbulent world below – an oasis of coloured calm.”

It also looks like a child’s playground, and frankly, that’s delightful enough for me. The whole space doesn’t really cause contemplation but does cause a lot of big smiles as you wander around trying to get great geometric views and trying to read the gigantic text in one area.

On my visit, a few people came up to sit on seats they always sit on for lunch, and a few came up to see the art.

Are you supposed to walk over the words? Why not, just enjoy it.

There’s also an artists hut, which is supposed to be a safe space, and is locked.

Setting aside the arty justification, it’s just a plain fun way of filling an otherwise bland space and brings a spark of summer to the winter months.

The art is open daily until the end of April 2022, and can be found on the roof of Temple tube station. To get onto the roof, if coming out of the tube station, turn left and head up the steps, then turn left again and you’ll see a gate in the wall with more steps up to the roof.


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  1. James Clark says:

    Temple is an underground station, while the District line is not a tube.
    The owner and operator is London Underground Limited

    • Andrew Thomas says:

      For me “Tube” is indeed a type of rail system that fits under the umbrella of “Underground”, but where does being pedantic end? Will we be travelling on the overground under the underground using a tube station? Catching a rail service from a tube station that goes underneath the whole lot might just cause a pedants mind to go in to melt down.

      I just accept the majority of people call it The Tube and don’t bat an eyelid, I simply carry on reading what are quite frankly excellent articles, written by someone passionate about them having spent much more time and effort researching the subject than many can imagine.

      Thanks Ian for the time and passion you put in to this site, long may it continue.

  2. Liam says:

    Oh James – really??? Perhaps go out for some fresh air and contemplate what a lovely sunny day it is outside.

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