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About the Royal Institution (inc Faraday Museum)

A museum in the basement of the Royal Institution that showcases the history of science.

From the odds and ends that became the first electrical transformer to the tube that told us why the sky is blue, view the actual objects Ri scientists built and used in some of the world's most famous experiments.

The highlight of the exhibition is Faraday's magnetic laboratory displayed as it was in the 1850s opposite a current state-of-the-art nanotechnology lab.

IMPORTANT - Although venues are reopening, their hours may differ from normal, and most now need prebooking before you visit.


Royal Institution (inc Faraday Museum),
21 Albemarle Street,

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Fequently asked questions

What's the nearest railway station to Royal Institution (inc Faraday Museum)

The nearest station is Green Park which is 0.2 miles away.

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Visiting Michael Faraday’s old laboratory
Visiting Michael Faraday’s old laboratory

There is a street with lots of posh buildings, and doormen forbidding entry to the great masses, and an equally grand building with mighty pillars along an imposing facade, which conceals a museum.

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The great British pint – an integral part of our culture. As summer approaches – hopefully, and our thoughts turn to lazy Sundays in the beer garden what better way to spend an evening than learning about beer (apart from

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