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About the Jewel Tower

The Jewel Tower is a 14th-century surviving element of the royal Palace of Westminster.

The small stone building sits opposite Parliament and has a modest display inside about its various history as royal wardrobe storage to housing imperial standards measures, and House of Lords archive.

Has a small cafe in the ground floor, which is basic, but useful in this part of town.

IMPORTANT - Although venues are reopening, their hours may differ from normal, and most now need prebooking before you visit.


Jewel Tower,
Abingdon Street,

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to wear a face mask when visiting?

The UK government does not require face masks to be work indoors at the moment, but many venues ask people to wear them, and can refuse entry if they need to.

What's the nearest railway station to Jewel Tower

The nearest station is Westminster which is 0.1 miles away.

Jewel Tower - Latest News

Museum Meals – The Jewel Tower
Museum Meals – The Jewel Tower

In a small grassy depression directly opposite the Houses of Parliament can be found a small stone tower, which happens to be a 14th century building that is open to the public as a small museum.

New exhibition inside Westminster’s Jewel Tower
New exhibition inside Westminster’s Jewel Tower

The Victoria Tower dominates the southern end of the Houses of Parliament and is the repository of laws passed by our elected masters — but sitting on the other side of the road is the much smaller, and vastly older building that it replaced.

The Old Jewel Tower of Westminster Palace
The Old Jewel Tower of Westminster Palace

Of the several towers extant within Westminster, one of the more overlooked, literally as well as figuratively has to be the Jewel Tower that sits in a little corner opposite Parliament.

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