Just a quick note to look out for the Red Arrows doing their thing over London on Wednesday evening.

They’ll be coming down from up north to fly over the Olympic Stadium at a couple of minutes past 7pm for the Invictus Games opening ceremony.

Then they head south towards — improbably — Catford, where a flypast is due at 7:04pm.

I highly doubt that they will deploy their colours over Catford, but it is a named target on the flight plan, which could mean it is just the route they will follow, or it is a specific target for a low level flypast. Either option is valid.

The exact location of the turn appears to be Mountsfield Park.

After that, they carry on south towards Sevenoaks, and then overseas.

If they do come in low, expect South London to be all of a twitter and a facebooking just after 7pm.

Update. The Red Arrows own Facebook page has mentioned the flypast, but still, be warned that I am not sure how low they will fly over, it might be quite high up.



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  1. Robyn says:

    They’re unlikely to be that high by the time they hit Catford. The Flypast height over the stadium will be quite low-level and the distance across to you is short enough that they won’t have climbed *that* much. They will however have almost certainly started dropping out of their flypast formation (either Big Battle, or Big Big Battle, depending whether Red 10 is tucked in or not) and into their two separate groups of 5 aircraft to complete their transit to Jersey. Assuming there are clear skies, you should certainly see them clearly enough though!

  2. james says:

    They just flew over my house in Leyton with colours on. I’m about 1.5km from the stadium.

  3. Susan says:

    Flew over my house in Dowanhill Road, Catford at the allotted time in perfect formation. WOW!

  4. Pete says:

    Had no idea I’d see the Reds in perfect formation with colours on, fast, not too high, right over Catford this evening. You beauty

  5. Dominika Tobiasz says:

    Some aeroplane flying from last Monday 1.08.2014 in London near Neasden and Wembley Stadium did any one know what plane is that

  6. Mel says:

    They flew over my house in walthamstow, they were so low I could see the pilots…….. Amazing !!!

  7. Dominika Tobiasz says:

    They flew over my house one week every single day what is it?

  8. Roger Rowley says:

    I get planes flying over my house 18 hours a day 7 days a week on route to heathrow and they fly in formation but nothing like the red arrows. They (the red arrows) pass over warren school in chadwell heath on their way to fly over the palace including all the other planes in the palace fly past at the end of the trooping of the colour

  9. Dominika Tobiasz says:

    But did anyone know what plane is that

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