Plans to convert a disused railway in North London into an elevated walkway for pedestrians have been given the go-ahead after Camden Council granted planning permission for the first section of the highline walkway.

Current disused railway (c) Camden Highline

The project will see the transformation of a section of the disused railway into a new elevated urban park that’ll be open to the public to stroll along, akin to New York’s High Line.

Design concept (c) JCFO

Section one, from Camden Gardens, will be reached via a lift or stairs that take you through a tree canopy onto a gantry, offering unique views over the park and of the Victorian railway viaduct. The second phase, to come later will link the Highline to the eastern edge of Agar Estates, and the third phase will take it to Maiden Lane Estates.

The access points to get up to the park, at Camden Gardens, Royal College Street, Camley Street, and York Way, will be fully accessible, with a potential fifth additional stair at St Pancras Way.

The project, which runs alongside the London Overground railway, is set to be built in three sections, beginning at Camden Gardens to Royal College Street, then east to Camley Street, and finally to York Way.

Now that planning permission has been granted for the first stage, as well as keeping up fundraising momentum, the Camden Highline charity is looking for major donors to come on board to support with the £14m cost of the first section of the project, and get construction work underway.

CEO, Simon Pitkeathley of Camden Highline comments: “To go from a Google Earth printout, sellotaped together on our table, to now a real designed thing with planning permission is amazing. I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has come with us on this exciting journey, particularly the design team, who have done an incredible job, and all the donors who backed us through the riskiest stages of the project. We’re now shovel ready, but need your help to continue the momentum and raise the money to deliver this amazing park in the sky.”

It’s been previously estimated that the Camden Highline could open from 2025.

Route map (c) Camden Highline


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  1. Miv Tucker says:

    What was the original railway? What happened to it?
    I think we should be told!

  2. Paul Pettinger says:

    Damn, a further barrier to connecting HS1 and 2

    • ianVisits says:

      This little bit of old line has never been a realistic consideration as a link between HS1 and HS2.

  3. Camden NLL Driver says:

    From a Maiden Lane residential point of view, I like the idea, but professionally, I’d rather see the 3rd platform reinstated 😉

  4. NG says:

    A total disgrace, it should be returned to its original use.
    { The only two tracks between Camden Rd Jn & Central Jn / Caledonian Rd is a serious train pathing bottleneck }

    • Stuart Cottis says:

      Completely agree. Idiotic Camden council green crackpots not understanding future rail capacity issues…

    • Stuart Cottis says:

      I think when the NLRIP project was being implemented to allow the London Overground to start there was a plan to restore three platforms at Camden Road. Does anybody know more about this? Also, I thought there were tentative plans to reinstate Maiden Lane Station – how do these plans scupper that? This bit of land is totally different from the Highland in New York because it does not allow for future enhancement of rail capacity whereas in New York their high line had no possible future rail use.

    • ChrisC says:

      The council is only giving planning permission. Like it would for any development whether it’s a block of flats, a super market or a factory.

      They don’t own the tracks and other infrastructure.

      If national rail – who are responsible for rail infrastructure not the council – didn’t want this scheme to happen they’d have quashed it a long time ago.

  5. Theo van de Bilt says:

    This sounds like a nice plan but please do realise it was first done in Paris.

  6. daveid76 says:

    I’m sure this will be very pretty and hip but this should reopen as a rail line. Roads should be being converted for pedestrian use, not precious rail connections.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    Thus is a particularly STUPID idea, The best view which is South over the heart of the City and West End will be interrupted by frequent passing trains. The need is to restore the four tracks where possible for the long heavy freight trains coming via Stratford from Tilbury Port 1 &2 London Gateway Port at Thames Haven and Felixstowe going to the LNW, Midland and Great Northern main lines to North of England and Midlands. Camden Road, Camden Market would be a better name needs 4 or 5 platforms restored .
    I trust that Railtrack or Great Bitish Railways will put a stop to this nonsense

    • ChrisC says:

      As I’ve already written if Network Rail didn’t want this to happen on their property they’d have quashed it a long time ago.

      You don’t spend money on designs and planning applications if the owner of the property isn’t supporting what you plan.

  8. Dave says:

    It will not be a tranquil place to linger.
    Probably a train passing 10-15 feet away approx. every 3 minutes! NY Highline equal it will never be.

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