Over the past few months, I have occasionally noticed a countdown clock at the top of the London 2012 website noting when the part reopens to the public.

Clock at 10:08 am

Today they put out a press release announcing that it is now 50 days until the opening.

Curiously though, what I presumed was a silly mistake on the countdown clock is either still being perpetuated, or in fact, the countdown clock is correct.

They plan to open the doors to the park at midnight.

I think being at the park on the stroke of midnight and wandering around overnight would be utterly delightful.

Sadly, not only does the clock say that the park opens at midnight, but it also says that it opens in 47 days time, not the 50 days being cited by the press release.

Which means the clock is faulty.


I still might turn up at midnight, just in case.

Even more confusingly, the press release says that the park will “start to open to the public from 29 July”. But that is 49 days away — so by “from 29 July”, do they actually mean it opens on the 30th July? Maybe at midnight?

Sounds like knowing when the Olympic Park is opening is about as confusing as booking tickets for the original sporting event.



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  1. Edvid says:

    It certainly won’t open to the public before 29 July (at 2pm, according to BBC London News). That said, the last park event before then (Open East Festival on 27/28 July) is charging less than a tenner per person per day for entry.

    Note that only the North Park opens then; the Velopark/Eton Manor opens in January 2014 and the South Park in Easter 2014. The Stadium schedule is more complex – it’s in use for a few days this summer, then several more in autumn 2015 before its long term occupation by West Ham FC in summer 2016 (or thereabouts).

  2. tony edwards says:

    Please provide thorough information for visitors. Both landscape and architecture. (on website (what is it?) in detail, plus information boards in the Park)

    Some of UK’s best landscape and architecture design talent has been occupied recently with this park.

    Help us understand the subtleties that can be seen, if we are guided where and how to look.

    Yours Tony RIBA retired

    Provide for both professionals; architects and landscape architects, landscape/garden knowledgable people, ordinary family visitors.

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