Over 2,000 bus drivers based at bus garages across North London and part of East London will walk out next month in an indefinite strike that wont stop until a deal is agreed.

The bus drivers are all employees of Arriva, and based at Ash Grove, Barking, Clapton, Edmonton, Enfield, Palmers Green, Tottenham and Wood Green. The strike will affect routes throughout North London.

The bus drivers, who are members of the Unite union are seeking a pay increase in line with the real inflation rate (RPI) of 12.3 per cent. Unless resolved, the strike action will begin on Tuesday 4th October and will run continuously until the dispute is resolved.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Our members at Arriva have generated huge profits for the company for decades. Arriva can afford to offer a pay increase that meets the real rate of inflation, but it has put profits before people and declined to do so. Unite will leave no stone unturned in the support given to our members during this dispute.”

The date the bus strike starts coincides with the train strike that is due to take place on Wednesday 5th October.


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  1. Jasper T. says:

    Error for the Ash Grove Garage section: The 48 doesn’t exist anymore since October 2019.

  2. Nigel says:

    Palmers Green/Edmonton also operate the 34 route Ian. It’s the only Arriva route that passes through Barnet where I live.

  3. Brian Butterworth says:

    So perhaps it’s time to consider buying shares in Uber then?

  4. Patricia Wheeler says:

    Or Just Eat 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Reza says:

    I hope the bus drivers don’t get paid while they are on strike.

  6. Bek says:

    No they don’t,but stupid comments like yours make us more determined

  7. Maxim P says:

    That is great, a bus strike that coincides with a train strike in order to maximize the pain to the users. Where is your sense of duty?. And you are doing all this for a minuscule increase in salary?. If you don’t like your job, your pay, or your employer then resign and find another job. There are more smart ways to complain to the Arriba management than to adversely affect all of the customers you are meant to serve.

    • ChrisC says:

      Don’t you think they’ve tried talking and negotiating with Arriva?

      Whatever you think strikes are the last resort not the first.

      And do you really think there are a load of people reading, willing and able to fill these vacancies if drivers did leave?

      There is already a driver shortage and bus companies are having problems recruiting and retaining drivers on the existing salaries.

      And it takes a couple of months to train a bus driver. You don’t just arrive at the depot and get allocated a bus and a route. Bus drivers (like train drivers) are trained for specific routes and that takes time.

  8. Leon brown says:

    About time they do alot and more than trains
    The have to deal with passengers and cyclists, crazy car drivers
    Only protected by a plastic screen which is not enough due to all that they deal with.

    And they are paid from £10 to £15 an hour, that is ludicrous, and now they have agency driver working doing the same job for £21 to £24 an hour! That is an audacity, to me & mental as drivers have to sit and watch this as they do the same job! In uniform!!!!

    There needs to be a change, so many drivers have left to go to agency or HGV, AS they can’t do it anymore also the cost of living, is breaking them (struggling to pay bills)

    Mean while train drivers are living a happy life and are in a much better financial state (HOW IS THIS RIGHT)



    • John Watkins says:

      If agency drivers are getting twice what employees get, then that is outrageous. However, I suspect that the agency is getting most of that extra. I suggest the union demand that agencies are paid no more than 10% over what the replaced worker would get – which would mean the agency drivers get about 80% of the replaced driver?

  9. Mark says:

    As a member of the public I am 100 percent behind you all we need a all out strick then maybe the government and all the companies then will sit around the table and listen all bills are going up but wages stay the same I wonder how much the top management at arriva earn I bet its a lot more then the employee who take threats of violence on a daily bases

  10. Sag Zaman says:

    Work as a driver at Barking Arriva garage. We are over worked. Public hate us. We drive old buses. We need good pay rise in line with tube drivers. TFL need to sort this problem out. Private bus companies don’t care about staff just profits.

  11. James says:

    RPI actually means “retail price inflation” – it doesn’t mean “real”.

    The article also fails to mention that they’ve been offered 4-6% – which seems reasonable to me, very much in line with pay rises in the private sector.

    We all need to remember that the country voted to be poorer in 2016.

    • ianVisits says:

      So you think it’s reasonable for people to take a pay cut of around 5 per cent?

    • John Watkins says:

      Ian – I think the comment is that most other workers are also getting 4-6%, so rejecting it might seem unreasonable.

  12. Maurice Reed says:

    Bus strikes called off after new pay offer made.


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