In the late 1990s, ITV experimented with a new quiz show, based on the London Underground, and for some inexplicable reason it was a complete flop and hardly anyone remembers it today.

So let’s remember it.

Produced for Carlton TV at the time when ITV was more regional than it is today, it was, as far as I can tell, only ever shown in the London region,

Hosted by Johnathon Ross’s older brother, Paul Ross, a noted journalist in his own right, it was a rather odd little show, mainly using the London Underground to bolt a generic quiz show onto, being mainly general knowledge questions.

The questions were themed – and each tube line on the map was based on one of the themes.

  • Met line – Food and Drink
  • Northern line – People
  • Piccadilly line – Sport
  • Victoria line – Nature
  • Circle line – London Life
  • Hammersmith line – The World
  • District line – Music
  • Central line – TV
  • Jubilee line – 20th century

A simplified tube map tracked the player’s performance, and each correct answer won the player that station, and then have to change lines to answer their next question on a different topic.

The set for the game is probably the more memorable aspect, being a not entirely bad replica of a tube station, with tracks, platforms, and the lecterns the players stand behind all having roundels.

There are three rounds in the game – to fit in nicely with the ad slots, and the person with the most stations get to go on to the final round to win up to £1,000 depending on how many questions they get right — shown as the Central line.

Although, as the final round requires the contestant to step onto the tracks and stand in front of an oncoming train, I don’t think that would be approved today.

Broadcast on Wednesdays at 5:30pm, there’s probably a lot of people who remember the theme tune, as they caught the end of the show when turning the telly on for the 6pm evening news.

Poor Julie in the clip below:

Wouldn’t it be fun to accidentally on purpose replace the Mind the Gap recording at Bank station with the theme tune version?


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  1. ChrisC says:

    Questions about Tube and DLR stations are a regular feature on ‘Pointless’ and Manchester Tram and Tyne and Metro Stations have also made an appearance as have railway stations.

    • Julian says:

      Yes and I usually find a pointless answer when these questions appear! Pomona, anyone?

  2. Nobby says:

    I wanted to watch the end of that show.

  3. Max Ingram says:

    Can’t imagine why that show was so short lived…..😉

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