Organizing something interesting and fancy a flypast by the Red Arrows? Or a WW2-era bomber? Surprisingly not only is it possible, but it’s also usually free.

Well, it’s possible to ask. Whether they say yes is another matter.

The only birthday they’ll turn up for is The Queen’s so unless Her Maj is reading this blog post, don’t bother applying for birthday parties. Almost any event that’s open to the general public is worth trying for though.

The most likely flypast you can request is by a fighter plane operated by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), but they also have larger aircraft such as the Lancaster Bomber for special occasions.

Rather less likely, but worth trying – because you never know – is a flypast by the Red Arrows.

Requests for 2022 need to be sent in by the end of this November.

Generally, unless you are a military venue or a major event, your chances of a flypast are likely to be based on whether there is a plane in the air nearby visiting such a venue – therefore the more flexible you are in requesting a date, the greater the chance of the plane making a slight detour to visit you.

For example, the BBMF flies over London a couple of times a month during the summer – mainly over the RAF Museum, so if you could say “any Saturday afternoon in June” and if are able to plan your event around their availability, your chances are much higher than if you requested a specific date.

Likewise for the Red Arrows, although they very rarely visit London, so you might have a better chance if you try to synchronize your request with something else happening in the South-East that the Red Arrows are likely to be visiting. Such as the Airshows at Southend, Farnborough, etc, or maybe following the Queen’s Birthday flypast if you are in West London.

It is just the effort of filling in a simple request form, and you never know, they might just say Yes – and won’t that look good on your event poster.

For the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight


Word Doc: RAF Flypast Application 2022

Ground and air displays

Word Doc: RAF Display Application 2022

Send it to the Royal Air Force Air Events Team at: 

Forms to be sent by 30th November 2021.

More details here

For the Red Arrows


Word Doc: RAF Flypast Application 2022

Ground and air displays

Word Doc: RAF Display Application 2022

Air Events Team at : 

Forms to be sent by 30th November 2021.

More details here


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  1. JP says:

    This sort of backstage information pops up on your site with such regularity now that it’s easy just to read it and move on. To wit the forewarning of the shut down of central London’s airspace for the incredible drone show ~ highlight being the Captain Sir Tom montage.
    Thank you for allowing we less-connected mortals to bask in the momentary glow that comes from our mates’ impressed “how did you know that?”
    Now I just have to set up a charity for some deserving cause, arrange an inauguration day and fill out a Red Arrows form. Oh and be by the seaside because they’re not allowed to do their full show over spectators on land any more after that awful accident. Fingers crossed.

  2. Stefan dagfinnsson says:

    Saw the red arrows over Reykjavík, many years ago ,and wasin awe ,no supprise you won the battle of britain !

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