Welcome to my first Blog.

Despite building websites for years (decades it feels like) and chatting like mad on forum websites, I have never actually bothered setting up a blog.

Initially, it seemed unnecessary as I could express my views, interests and thoughts on the forums – but recently, I have been withdrawing from one in particular – and today actually closed my account there.

I’ll detail that in a future posting, as I need to “calm down” a bit about the stupid changes they have made and that are driving people away in a flood.

About the Blog

What can you expect here?

Well, I am a rather eclectic person – so it’ll be a mix of observations, ideas, thoughts and random tech commentaries.

Probably updated every few days – no promises just yet – let me get the feel for things first!

Your comments

Always welcomed, and the comments section will be enabled so you can talk (shout) back at me.

Signing off…
That’s all for now – I need to run off and start playing with templates, databases and the like.

Me outside 10 Downing Street


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  1. IanVisits says:

    Testing the comments system.

    It should work now

  2. Hey Ian

    I am claiming your comment virginity (your test comment does not count).

    I don’t suppose you’ve had a chance to do anything with the photos from Downing Street, have you? If not, would it be possible to send me the raw data from my pic and I shall endeavour to have it unblurred.

    As a slight criticism of your blog – your security code is very difficult to read. I’ve had to generate a few of them before it has accepted a permutation.

  3. IanVisits says:

    I’ll be packaging the photos and sending them out, as I haven’t had a chance to mod them yet.

    I will also be changing the CAPTCHA code thing as I am not happy with it either. I have seen a much better version based on maths, which I need to figure out how to install here.

  4. Ellen Harrison says:

    Ian, I have just been looking at your website (through doing a search of how to visit 10 Dowining Street!).

    How did you set up the visit? I am planning a visit to London for work colleagues and would love to have a tour of No 10!.


  5. IanVisits says:

    It’s not open to the public.

    Select groups can go in for visits if approved by No 10 – and the waiting list is several years long.

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