Ever wondered what land and assets the GLA and TfL own or lease in London? Well, there’s a map on their website.

Prepare to lose several hours of fascinated scrolling.

Property Asset Register Public Web Map (c) TfL/Arcgis

It shows the tube tunnels where TfL owns the stratum below ground, it shows the tube stations, in places in some considerable detail, such as the WW2 shelters under Tottenham Court Road and Camden. Odd little spurs off the tube tunnels tend to be ventilation shafts.

It’s not entirely complete yet, as there are clearly gaps along the tube tunnels, either due to omission, or sometimes TfL doesn’t actually own the stratum and may have legacy peppercorn rents or way rights to get around that. Bits of former tube tunnels are included, such as the original City and South London railway and the Embankment loop.

You can see the docking stations and buildings where TfL has a leasehold, the bus garages and of course, the DLR property assets.

Some interesting oddities turn up, such as a large plot of land owned by the GLA in the middle of the Isle of Dogs, that turns out to be a school. It turns out that TfL still owns a plot of land where the Northern line extension would have run to Bushy.

You might be surprised to see how much land the GLA owns in East London, a legacy from when the GLA was created and someone had to take ownership of empty docklands wharves and former industrial sites.

Property Asset Register Public Web Map (c) TfL/Arcgis

No sign of the dangleway, although it does sit within GLA freehold, so probably absorbed into that.

The map is here.


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  1. diamond geezer says:

    That is a brilliant map, thanks…
    …not just of TfL/GLA assets but of London itself, indeed the whole UK.

    If I zoom in far enough I can even see my Dad’s shed in his back garden in Norfolk.

  2. alistair Twin says:

    there are some pleasantly random ones.. like this buidling in hoxton https://g.page/hoxton-works?share

    and quite a lot of gaps, where there’s the stratum interest in one house but not it’s seemingly identical neighbour

  3. alistair Twin says:

    and who knew they own the freehold of westfield (west london) that must have been a nice earner.

  4. Mary says:

    What a fascinating find! I didn’t expect it to be so detailed, even after reading whats been written above. I can see myself spending hours on this! Thanks Ian lol

  5. Shef Mole says:

    You can also just about trace the route of the Fleet line onwards from Aldwych, past Fenchurch Street, and into Wapping…

  6. JP says:

    Thanks a bunch Ian, I’ve had no sleep giving in to the temptations offered by this tantalising smorgasbord.
    Lots of perplexing questions raised – why do TfL own that property? Lots of questions answered.
    Thank you very much for bringing it to the attention of your legion of fans.

  7. NickW says:

    There appears to be stratum still reserved for the Bakerloo extension to Camberwell Green

  8. MilesT says:

    There is an oddity in how the Overground is mapped in Stratford station.

    The platforms usually used as the Overground terminus at Stratford (1&2) are not shown as assets (possibly true) or on line of route (odd), and line of route Overground is shown as running through platforms 10/11 well beyond Stratford (clearly wrong, even allowing for TfL rail I think, crosschecked on cartometro).

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