Earlier today a number of people were invited to try out the new East London Line extension between Surrey Quay’s and Clapham Junction.

By the courtesy of the driver, I was allowed to video the drivers view – by the highly technical method of taking my mobile phone and sticking it to the drivers window with some blue-tac!

Best £1.50 investment in a packet of blue-tac ever.

The press trip ran from Dalston Junction to Clapham Junction and the line opens to the general public on the 9th December.

I’ll write a bit more in a day or two, but here is the video for your “enjoyment”.

Incidentally, the video has no sound – just in case the driver said anything not for broadcast… and I had no idea it would be so damn difficult to find video editing software able to mute a smartphone video file!


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  1. So, if I get on at Camden Road, and an hour or so later get off at Camden Road, what will I be charged?

    • IanVisits says:

      At a guess, the same you would pay for any other journey within zones 1 and 2. Best to check with TfL for confirmation.

  2. Michael A Reardon says:

    excellent video, as usual an excellent blog keep doing a fabulous job

  3. Neil Turner says:

    Is there any chance that you could post a double or triple speed version of the video? 45 minutes is quite long!

  4. Matt says:

    Fascinating video. It almost looks like it’s been slowed down, except the people on the platforms look to be moving normally, and 45 minutes is a reasonable length of time to cover the distance.

    If you get around to making another version, please consider adding titles of the station names as we pass through. Not being familiar with the route, it’s a bit hard to figure out where we are.

    Also, world’s most ineffective windscreen wiper!

  5. Mike says:

    Excellent video. I’ve just seen the title of the video on YouTube. I know it was raining, but it wasn’t /that/ wet!

    Matt’s comment about the video seeming slow is interesting. I’m no expert on these matters, but I’d say it looks like the driver isn’t pushing it too hard.

    Why the stop at 21 mins? Is that where the station (forget its name) that they failed to get funding for wasn’t built?

    • ELL Driver says:

      The train is ECS and slotted in between trains in service, the driver will be taking it very slow so as to not be constantly stopping at red signals. The stop at 21mins is unusual, it’s not something that we did during route learning, the second stop however just after is for changing over the radio from GSM-R to CSR.

  6. Thomas Orger says:

    Great video Ian! Shame about the great British weather!
    If you like I could make a sped up version with station names for you?

  7. Joanna Cronin says:

    loved it, right past my stations. Look forward to using it.

  8. Gerald says:

    Very good piece, thanks. Just one company failed to provide a passing train – The Overground one was missing from Plat 1 at Clapham Jn!.
    I agree a faster pass would be very good. The video is certainly very useful for track bashers as the area around Longhedge is very complex, as was shown. Will this be the new way of “doling” track? Cl 378 units are the worset ever for easy track bashing!

  9. Chris M says:

    For those wanting to follow the route, the times of the stations are roughly as follows:

    00:00-00:49 Dalston Junction
    02:34-02:45 Haggerston
    04:38-04:51 Hoxton
    07:20-07:37 Shoreditch High Street
    09:29-09:40 Whitechapel
    11:35-11:46 Shadwell
    13:33-13:47 Wapping
    15:17-15:42 Rotherhithe
    16:34-16:47 Canada water
    18:14-18:26 Surrey Quays
    20:44-21:25 (Surrey Canal Road?)
    25:11-25:36 Queens Road Peckham
    27:50-29:39 Peckham Rye
    32:09-32:26 Denmark Hill
    37:01-37:11 Clapham High Street
    37:50-38:09 Wandsworth Road
    43:30-45:18 Clapham Junction

  10. I.Sillick says:

    h ave been at odds for the stock now I know
    best answer yet WELL DONE

  11. Tim says:

    Need to travel to Clapham junction tomorrow from Canonbury – looks like very similar journey times whether I go clockwise or anti-clockwise… but will be cheaper to go anti-clockwise as avoid zone 1? How would I ensure I get the anti-clockwise (zone 2 only) fare? Or perhaps I should just splash out and get a tour of the new track…

  12. Phillipa Cook says:

    Loving this video – amazing! I used to live in Rotherhithe and although i moved away in 2004 have always followed the East London Lines’ progress! It’s amazing to see it transformed from a short stub line to part of a major network! For music to go with it may i recommend ‘Travelator’ by The Egg. I first heard tracks from this on LU’s JLE extension video back in 1998 so it provides an authentic soundtrack!

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