The Pope is generally accepted to be a Catholic, except by a few fringe lunatics, and bears are regularly said to shit in the woods.

But has anyone ever checked if the bear population is predominantly disposed to disposing of its bodily wastes within forested toiletry facilitates?

In essence, does a bear shit in the woods?

The question asked, it needs answering.

Based on data from a mix of Wikipedia (I know) and other sources, I calculate that the worldwide Ursidae population to be in the region of 1.14 million.

Presuming that mixed habitats are unrealistically split 50:50, then based on the data in the table below I conclude that:

Bears shitting in woods: 1,008,000

Bears not shitting in woods: 131,500

I think we can safely say that the common saying is at least correct, if not necessarily polite.

Bear Woodland Dwelling Population Size
Sun Bear Yes 1,000
Giant Panda Mixed 2,000
Sloth Bear No 8,500
American black bear Yes 850,000
Brown Bear Mixed 200,000
Polar Bear No 22,000
Asian black bear Yes 48,000
Spectacled bear Yes 8,000



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  1. Stephen says:

    But does the Pope shit in the Vatican?

  2. rusty says:

    And can you see the shit for the trees?

    Thanks – its nice to have an opportunity to be puerile once in a while.

  3. TASK says:

    But is shit limited to feces?

  4. dennis don dona bell says:

    hahahahahahaa technical or what……………………..

  5. Art says:

    but if only some bears shit in woods then when someone asks you do bears shit in woods you should say no well yes well …..and repeat that again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again until you both fall asleep or get bored (I spammed command c )

  6. lee says:

    But are these so called woods actually woods? Or are they forests? Then bears would Shit in forests…. Not woods????

  7. Em says:

    Question- Do bears shit in the woods
    Me- Not all bears live in the woods, there’s the zoo.

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