Prepare to squeal in delight as the Transport Museum delivers an early Christmas present in the form of tours of a disused tube station.

Of the closed tube stations that litter the London Underground, two top the list of stations that people want to visit. One is Down Street, near Hyde Park as it was used as a WW2 command centre, and the other is the iconic Aldwych/Strand station, which is largely unmodernised.

Over two weekends at the start of December, they will be letting the public down into the depths of Aldwych tube station near The Strand.

Abandoned Platform

Although only closed in 1994, it holds a special fascination for most people as it is still visible above ground, and even when open was hardly ever used so even the heaviest of tube travellers are unlikely to have been there.

It is also one of those stations that has a dual hidden history, as even when open, only one of two platforms was in use – so you have one old platform, and one even older one.

A few photos from a previous visit to whet your appetite.

The tours will include both platforms – which is an even rarer treat on these already quite rare events. As access is down the old spiral emergency stairs the tour is not suitable for anyone with a mobility problem.

Replica posters

Hopefully, they will also sort out the slight disagreement about use of DSLR cameras which caused a few unhappy grumbles last time the public were let down there. (Update T&C’s simply have a ban on professional equipment).

30 Nov to 2 Dec and the following weekend 7 to 9 Dec 2012.

All tickets include a day return ticket to the museum.

  • Daytime tours: £20 adult, £18 concession
  • Evening tours: £25 adult, £22.50 concession

Evening tours include a short choral concert from the TfL choir and a hot drink (cider, mulled wine or tea) as part of the ticket price.

TICKETS ON SALE NOWBOOK HERE (click on “all events” to see the listing).

NB: The open days is for the daytime tours, and the “secret station” is for the evening tours – make sure you select the correct option.


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  1. Ronnie says:

    A few years ago I would of given anything to visit this place, but now I have been there twice it has lost its appear a bit. Im sure there are many people that have yet to go down there. Maybe one year the TM can put on a halloween special of some sort. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Adrian Betham says:

    Pity that instead of closing it they didn’t:
    * provide an escalator connection to the nearby surface station at Temple on the Circle and District Lines, and
    * extend the line soth to Waterloo.
    But as it is still all there, not vandalised as soon as closed like many closed infrastructure, it could still be done.


    • IanVisits says:

      And who would pay for all that extra work?

      Aldwych was closed because the cost of upgrading the lifts was greater than the limited usage the station received would have justified. To propose a vastly more expensive scheme would never have been considered.

  3. Ian N says:

    They can pay for it with the tour admission prices! £25? huh? ouch.

  4. At the start of the article you mention Down Street but then it doesnt get a mention again, so assume this just for Aldwych.

    I went on the WWII tour which was great – article here

    But £25 does seem very steep indeed for this so will sit this one out!!

  5. Ronnie says:

    Was not going, but the tours at night seemed to appeal to me more for some reason. Thanks again Ian for the info.

  6. Jim Culver says:

    I did this tour today (10am) and found it amazing with the guides being so helpful with any questions asked, both lifts (they have a side door each so if 1 lift gets stuck then the other used to stop alongside and open its door to let customers through and back to the lines / booking office) now act as a bridge.

    I asked about a visit to “Down Street” (I want to see the war rooms etc) in the future but the guides said it may not be possible but they do keep asking London transport, so maybe 1 day Down St will be open again.

  7. Grant Harrison says:

    Are you still doing tours?
    Im a Aussie in town late sept 2013. If your still doing them love to get on one.
    Thanks Grant

  8. Mark Hicken says:

    Re. unhappy grumbles about DSLRs!!?? Who exactly was complaining and about what may I ask! Unbelievable.

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