Transport for London (TfL) has shown off new bus maps for the proposed Superloop network, showing suggested stops and how it connects to transport links, town centres and local services.

The Superloop is a proposed network of limited-stop express bus routes to run around London, and the proposed routes will be subject to further detailed planning, engagement and public consultation.

If it goes ahead, the Superloop will be rolled out in several phases until it forms a near circle around London.

These new maps reveal further detail into the potential routes of future bus routes, including:

  • X183 (Harrow to Finchley)
  • X34 (Finchley to Walthamstow)
  • X119 (Croydon to Bromley)
  • X269 (Bexleyheath to Bromley)
  • X123 (Walthamstow to Royal Docks)

TfL is today launching the first Superloop consultation for the X183 bus, a new limited express stop bus service between Harrow and North Finchley.

Harrow to North Finchley Superloop (c) TfL

Proposals for the route mean that the X183 would run alongside part of the existing route 183 between Harrow and Hendon, and part of route 125 between Hendon and North Finchley. The X183 would run every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 15 minutes during evenings and Sundays. The proposed route would allow customers using the new X183 service to connect to 38 other bus routes in the area, as well as seven rail lines.

While some of it is already providing quick links across outer London, like the X140 connecting Heathrow and Harrow, and route X26 connecting Heathrow and West Croydon, further Superloop routes are proposed to be introduced in stages. These routes will all carry the new Superloop branding, as will routes 607 and X68 which already operate limited stop services in west and south London.

North Finchley to Walthamstow Superloop (c) TfL

Walthamstow to Royal Docks Superloop (c) TfL

Canary Wharf to Grove Park Superloop (c) TfL

Bromley to West Croydon Superloop (c) TfL

Bexleyheath to Bromley Superloop (c) TfL


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  1. Dave C says:

    One route goes from West and East Croydon stations but at the Bromley end it only show Bromley station, will that be Bromley North or Bromley South or both?

    • Julian says:

      These are only indicative routes (apart from the X26, X68, X140 and 607 which already operate and the X183 which is now going out to consultation). Details such as which Bromley Station will be served will be made in the future.

    • Ian McDonald says:

      It will have to serve Bromley Market Square 300 yds from the North Station, and stop outside Bromley south. There could be no other possible alternative route if you look at the existing road maps.

    • Sean says:

      Expect it to be Bromley South, as Bromley North is at the end of a primarily single track branch line

    • mclm says:

      As the Bromley stations are 10 minutes walk apart does it really matter which station it serves.

    • And says:

      what does that matter?! when north and south stations is 5mins walk from each other 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Peter hopson says:

      Who knows!

  2. Peter Salmon says:

    Will this have a dedicated road that can’t be blocked by cars, cyclists or Just stop Oil slow walkers?

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Cars have blocked the road in front of me thousands of times, but never once has the road in front of me been blocked by cyclists.

  3. Alex says:

    In terms of onward connections it would be preferable for the X119 and X269 to terminate at Bromley South.

    But given the proposal (at least the details we have from the first section under consultation) appears to be running more frequent and express services on existing routes, I would expect it to be at Bromley North. The current 119 and 269 meet at Bromley North, and in fact the 269 terminates there.

    When this section of the Superloop goes out to public consultation, TfL should be encouraged to have the services meet at Bromley South.

    At the other end of the X269, TfL should be encouraged to extend the route from Bexleyheath to nearby Abbey Wood to provide a direct connection between the Superloop and the Elizbeth line. Bexleyheath is an important destination in its own right, and although it is a major bus hub it does not offer any onward rail journeys. The X269 could carry on and reach Abbey Wood in under 10 minutes, providing a direct connection between the Superloop and the Elizabeth line.

  4. Peter Beattie says:

    Not much use. There is nothing south of Bromley Kent to the M25 or beyond!

    • Andy T says:

      To be fair, you can’t really expect TfL to fund services outside of Greater London without subsidies being paid by those boroughs

    • Tasha says:

      They are talking about people who are classed as living in London, but have a Kent address, who are going to be affected by ULEZ but have a very poor bus service.

    • Andy T says:

      M25 and beyond isn’t Greater London

    • ChrisC says:


      If they live in a london borough then they live in London.

    • Paul Berrey says:

      Bromley is in Greater London, not Kent, and has been since 1965!

  5. DJL says:

    Given that the X269 will apparently stop at Bickley station, and given that this station is on the same line as Bromley South (albeit with many services passing straight through without stopping) Maybe it makes sense to stop at Bromley North, which will then provide a connection to Grove Park and the weird Canary Wharf bus from there.
    (Side note, I wonder if this arrangement will eventually lead to busification of the Grove Park-Bromley North railway. N.B. I give no comment on whether this is a good idea or not, simply wonder if it could lead that way)

  6. Suepro says:

    X119 very little benefit,completely bypasses Hayes station and although it won’t stop between West Wickham and Sandilands,the traffic along that route is very slow. I hope this doesn’t mean fewer 119 on the existing stopping route which is relied on by those of us in Hayes and Coney Hall who need to get to Croydon.

    • chris says:

      this is a very busy and slow road – can’t see how a “super-loop” 119 is going to go any faster than a normal 119!



  8. Yasmin says:

    We live at the end of Northern lines which offer no loops to connect between, Edgware, high barnet, Mill Hill East or even no connection between Cockfoster or Thames link stations. Buses connecting between these stations often require a few changes. Going to Heathrow always is via going back to zone 1 and changing to piccadilly line or Elizabeth line. Wonder if any xpress connections will be offered to these outskirts.

    • Christopher Benjamin says:

      Edgware to Mill Hill East 240 or 221 relatively quick. Edgware to High Barnet 107 reasonably quick . High Barnet to Cockfosters 384, so can’t see any changes. Edgware to Heathrow excluding zone 1, 186 or 340 to Harrow and then x140.

  9. George Bennett says:

    Surely it would make better sense that the X239 terminated at Bromley South, thus linking up with the X119 and the X269. Terminating the X239 at Grove Park is ridiculous.

  10. Matt says:

    Really not sure what the x68 has to do with any of this apart from being tacked on as it already exis6

  11. Ahmed says:

    Will x26 make additional stop at Waddon

    • Joe Carp says:

      The X26 is an existing route that is going to be branded as part of Superloop. Currently, the X26 doesn’t stop at Waddon, although it goes past the station. If there is a consultation on the X26 as part of Superloop, you should suggest a stop at Waddon. For now, you can try raising the idea to your local London Assembly Member.

      You can see the current X26 stops at

  12. Tony says:

    Will the SL buses hold through connections with each other or will there be relatively long waits at the connecting nodes? eg. Hendon to Ilford involves 2 connecting nodes.

  13. Jan says:

    Nothing to Crystal Palace. Left out as usual!

    • ianVisits says:

      Crystal Palace already has excellent connections with lots of bus routes converging there and two railway stations on adjacent lines within a short walk.

  14. Jakub Lubaszewski says:

    Just bring 3 door buses to all routes with all door boarding and you’ll have a good public transport. Current system creates huge disruptions. Looks like noone calculates it.

  15. Michael Griffin says:

    Note that the on the parts of the 183 shared with the X183, there will be fewer buses for those not wanting the express service.

  16. Sami says:

    Can X183 extend to Southall Merrick Road, rather than terminating at Harrow? Because I’ve seen x140 bus is to congestive and it needs more express to reduce overcrowd in the bus.

    • ianVisits says:

      That’s why TfL is holding a consultation – so that you can tell that to TfL.

  17. Real Londoner says:

    Why isn’t there a proper map of the superloop, showing where it actually goes, where the bus stops are etc, etc on a map of London? :<

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