The cruise ships are returning to London in 2022, disgorging tourists for a few days of sightseeing, and for us Londoners, a chance to see big boats up close.

Cruise ships vary from the smaller posher sleeker ships of Edwardian times through to the massive white leviathans of modern-day cruising. In London, the mega-boats usually moor up at Tilbury, although some can get to Greenwich. Then there’s the mix of smaller modern cruise ships and the more elegant older boats that can just about fit through Tower Bridge and spend a few days next to HMS Belfast.

The ships arriving closer to town also give bystanders the excitement of seeing Tower Bridge open and a larger than usual boat passing through.

The arrival dates are below – times of arrival and departure date are usually confirmed a few days beforehand, so keep an eye on the events calendar for details. Data from the Port of London Authority, and naturally details can be amended by the cruise ship operator or a virus.

Tower Bridge Upper

Sat 9th April Hanseatic Spirit
Thur 14th April SH Vega
Sat 23rd April
(arrives 5:45am – leaves 24th Apr 7:30pm)
Le Champlain
Wed 27th April
(arrives 00:15am – leaves 28th Apr 00:45am)
MS Hamburg
Wed 11th May
(arrives  11th May 7:45am – leaves 12th May 11:15pm)
World Voyager
Thur 19th May
(arrives 19th May 5pm – leaves 20th May 5pm)
Le Bellot
Thur 16th June
(arrives 16th June 12:45pm – leaves 18th June 4:45am)
World Navigator
Sat 18th June
(arrives 18th June 6:15am – leaves 5:45pm)
Silver Wind
Sun 7th July MS Hamburg
Tue 4th October Hanseatic Inspiration


Fri 8th April Seabourn Venture
Sun 24th April
(arrives 1am – leaves 25th April 8:30am)
MS Deutschland
Tue 10th May Le Dumont D’Urville
24th May Crystal Endeavour
Tue 7th June
(arrives 8th June 1pm, leaves 9th June 8pm)
Wed 15th June Silver Whisper
Thur 16th June Viking Venus
Thur 14th July Viking Venus
Fri 22nd July Viking Mars
Wed 27th July Silver Whisper
Sat 29th July Hebridean Princess
Thur 11th Aug Viking Venus
Mon 5th September Viking Star
Mon 12th September Viking Mars

London Cruise Terminal – Tilbury

Tue 5th April Ambience
Sun 10th April Ambience
Sat16th April Ambience
Thu 21st April Viking Venus
Sun 24th April Ambience
Sun 1st May Ambience
Mon 2nd May Aidaaura
Sun 8th May Viking Venus
Tue 10th May Hebridean Sky
Thu12th May Ambience
Thu 26 May Ambience
Tue 7th  June Ambience
Thu16th June NG Explorer
Sat18th June World Navigator
Sun19th June MS Insignia
Tue 21st June Ambience
Thu 7th  July Aegean Odyssey
Tue 12th July Ambience
Sat 23rd July Ambience
Wed 27th July Aegean Odyssey
Sat 30th July Ambience
Sat 6th August Ambience
Sat 13th August Ambience
Tue 16th August Aegean Odyssey
Tue 16th August Ambience
Thu 1st September Ambience
Sat 3rd September Seven Seas Voyager
Mon 12th September Ambience
Sun 18th September Aidaaura
Wed 28th September Marina
Fri 30th September Aidaaura
Sat 15th October Vasco Da Gama
Sun 16th October Ambience
Fri 21st October Bolette
Sun 23rd October Ambience
Wed 26th October Bolette
Fri 4th November Ambience
Wed 9th November Bolette
Thu 17th November Bolette
Thu 24th November Bolette
Thu 24th November Ambience
Fri 2nd December Bolette
Wed 7th  December Bolette
Fri 9th December Ambience
Sat 10th December Ambience
Sun 11st December Ambience
Fri 16th December Ambience
Sat 17th December Ambience
Sun 18th December Ambience
Wed 21st December Bolette
Wed 21st December Ambience

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  1. Ben says:

    That moment when you pay your congestion charge then look to your left and see an actual Cruise Ship next to you that didn’t have to pay.

    Should just permanently keep the bridge down and get rid of the long outdated law that boats must be able to get to London Bridge unimpeded. Was put in place for old sail trade boats, not cruise ships and party boats which is all that causes Tower Bridge to raise these days. Thats why we have no bridges out East, to comply with the rule the bridges would need to open or be super high or be a tunnel which leads to things like £500m estimated costs for a pedestrian bridge at Rotherithe/Canary wharf. Get rid of the rule and allow cheap normal low down pedestrian bridges to be built East of central London. Its messed up that millions of people dont have a good river crossing just so it doesn’t block a few party boats or cruise ships.

    Just a mini rant. I think Jay Foreman is currently making a video about this issue and should be out this month.

  2. Julian says:

    Sail trade boats? Powered vessels were using the Pool of London well into the 1960s. And Tower Bridge opening is an icon of London. I’m all for better river crossings in East London, but I don’t think keeping Tower Bridge down permanently is going to make a lot of difference. You also seem to ignore the huge difference that the DLR and Overground have made to journeys between the East End and South-East London – these used to be time-consuming and arduous, not they are a doddle.

  3. Julian says:

    not (final line of comment) – I meant to say “now they are a doddle”.

  4. MilesT says:

    There is definitely a discussion to be had about the role of a anti-pollution tax for large ships in various parts of the river, analogous to the LEZ and the ULEZ. And maybe a reduction of maximum height/tonnage permitted to reduce costs of future river crossings.

    I also think that we should consider not building any more vehicle crossings, even for freight, and rail crossings are better built as tunnels which can support large gauge trains for multi-modal use (e.g. double stack containers).

    An outright restriction of larger ships could prevent some green uses of the river for construction and short distance freight

  5. Fred Westinghouse says:

    Ian, what time will SH Vega (Thur 14th April) sail through Tower Bridge? Cannot find information on Tower Bridge website. Thanks.

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