It may be a good few years yet before people will start planning railway trips involving Crossrail trains, but that hasn’t stopped some over-enthusiastic map maker adding it to train maps on display at some London train stations.

It also caused a bit of confusion for a moment as I was at Loughborough Junction and wanting to head to the Tottenham Court Road area, and was trying to wonder what this line was that I hadn’t considered that could take me directly from Farringdon to TCR station.

Crossrail appearing on rail maps

Ahh, it’s Crossrail.

Hang on though – that bit of the line is not expected to open until 2018.

I wouldn’t have been overly surprised to see Crossrail starting to appear on public maps as an “under construction” service from maybe 2016 in the central section, but I think 2013 is a bit early.

Crossrail appearing on rail maps

Actually, I find the tendency to put services onto maps while they are still being built to be quite annoying. Maybe a few months in advance of the launch is acceptable as maps might not be changed in time, but a year or more is quite irksome, as it is more political than practical.

I wonder when we will see Crossrail 2 appearing on the maps?

Crossrail appearing on rail maps


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Article last updated: 24 June 2021 13:22


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  1. Dan says:

    I notice it’s also got the canal tunnel as ‘under construction’, although the pedant in me thinks it should say ‘not yet in service’. I suppose as it’s a nice tin map they’re hoping to get quite a few years of service out of it.

  2. SELondoner says:

    Interestingly it’s got the (open) Overground line to Clapham Junction as under construction too – wonder how long the map’s been up? Surrey Canal Road is on the map too – not committed yet as far as I know, of so that’s even odder than Crossrail making an appearance!

    • Darian Thomson says:

      Just to let you know, Lewisham Council found the money required for Surrey Canal Road as the developer of the London’s sporting village (south bermondsey) will pay for it. They have both had their planning applications approved.

  3. Dan Coleman says:

    Just spotted a big error on this map. The Richmond branch of London Overground (North London Line), certainly doesn’t go via Shepherd’s Bush. I think this map is a one off, because it’s obviously been designed by someone who is not clued up when it comes to transport planning.

  4. Nick says:

    I can’t see many accurate things at all on that map, either. For instance, this is the first I’d heard about FCC running trains from CHX and CST to Lewisham and beyond…

  5. Dan says:

    There’s an interactive version here in all its (in)gloriousness.

  6. Andrew says:

    The map showing Crossrail and with Shepherd’s Bush error has been on display at Wimbledon Chase Station for well over a year now.

  7. John says:

    There’s nothing new in having unfinished lines on UndergrounD maps. If I recall correctly, the northern line extensions from Mill Hill to Edgware and on to Elstree appeared for several years -and was never built.

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