Not the President of the USA, although he’s on his way here as well, but a 6-metre high inflatable that will float over London during his visit.

A crowdfunding campaign that had planned to release 1,000 small trumpesqeues over London has ditched the plan for environmental reasons, and gone for one giant floating Trump instead.

They’ve now raised enough money to see Trump fly over London during the man’s visit on the 13th July, but have started a new fundraiser to send inflatable Trump travelling around the world, a Damoclean Blimp hanging over every official visit the orange man makes to other countries.

They hope to launch Trump the Blimp from Parliament Square, but if permission is not granted (which looks unlikely as the Mayor of London isn’t keen), they’re looking for a suitable large garden nearby.

The crowdfunding details are here.



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  1. Andrew Gwilt says:

    I don’t like him as much. Bet I guarantee that the President of the USA doesn’t mind that as he’s visiting the UK in the upcoming days in July. Wonder what he would be getting when he is coming. Possibly a a good welcoming. But have to say this is so funny.

  2. J P says:

    Not so sure about this’un. A bit puerile and somewhat lacking in subtlety.
    Plus imagine it the other way round ~ some grotesque of HMtheQ up over Washington or wherever. Whatever your royal or republic proclivities, I think we’d be pretty upset in general and I ain’t no Trumper by the way. Well perhaps only in the english sense of the word.

    • J P says:

      Killjoy comment no.2;
      I hope that it’s not full of helium but I suspect that it will be. Helium stocks are apparently running worryingly low and it’s used to cool drilling equipment and even the magnets in hospital CAT-scan machines. It is difficult and expensive to synthesise and occurs naturally in sufficient quantities only in north america and a couple of other countries.
      Also, what’s to stop a trigger happy US secret service man from having a pop at popping it? Now that would be worth the price of admission!

    • Ian Visits says:

      The helium shortage is a bit of a myth, at current prices there’s over 100 years of known reserves, and as Helium actually exists in far greater (if more expensive to extract) quantities, it’s not going to run out any time soon.

  3. Freddie says:

    I dare say NATS will have a say considering it will enter the City Radar zone and approaches to Heathrow and City airports and Battersea heliport

    • Ian Visits says:

      Only if it goes high enough – otherwise half the tall buildings in London are a problem.

  4. Nobody’s ever given this “honour”. This will inflate Trump’s ego even further, convince nobody else to change mind on anything at all, and in general remind the world about what country “invented” Lord Sutch and Lord Buckethead. Money wasted in stupidity.

  5. Dave says:

    What’s the purpose of doing this…… is is not a waste of time and money RESPECT.

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