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Your guide to London's culture and transport news and events taking place across the city.

Major Historical Anniversaries in July 2024

I often wonder what significant anniversaries are due at some point in the future as some of them might be of interest as triggers for blog posts or visits somewhere. However, it is often difficult to find out quickly what events have significant anniversaries - hence this section on the website.

By "significant anniversaries", I mean dates that are not, for example, the 73rd anniversary of something, but the 50th, 100th, 200th etc.

It should help to flag up interesting events.

Significant anniversaries during July 2024

5th The UK experiences its hottest day on record, with a temperature of 38.7C (101.7F) at Cambridge, beating the previous high of 38.5C (101.3F) in Faversham, Kent, on 10 August 2003. (25th Jul 2019)
5th Boris Johnson is chosen as the new Conservative Party leader in a ballot of party members, beating Jeremy Hunt by 92,153 votes to 46,656. (23rd Jul 2019)
5th Jo Swinson is elected by party members as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, succeeding Sir Vince Cable. She becomes both the first woman to lead the party and its youngest ever leader at age 39. (22nd Jul 2019)
5th The Iranian Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps captures British tanker Stena Impero and temporarily seizes British-operated and Liberian-flagged tanker Mesdar in the Persian Gulf. The Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, warns there will be "serious consequences" if Iran does not release the tanker. (19th Jul 2019)
5th Former Blue Peter presenter John Leslie is charged with sexually assaulting a 30-year-old woman in Westminster in December 2008. (12th Jul 2019)
5th Tommy Robinson, having been found guilty of contempt of court on 5 July, is sentenced at the Old Bailey to nine months in prison. (11th Jul 2019)
5th The Trump administration is labelled "inept", "insecure" and "incompetent" in leaked emails from the British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Kim Darroch. (7th Jul 2019)
10th Home Secretary Theresa May announces a major review and inquiry into allegations of historical child abuse across all areas of UK society. The announcement was prompted by reports that the Home Office failed to act on allegations that a paedophile ring operated at Westminster during the 1980s. (7th Jul 2014)
20th Government to publish results of review into Council Tax in England. (20th Jul 2004)
20th The Government announces backing for the Crossrail project. (19th Jul 2004)
20th The Butler Inquiry releases its report, mildly criticising the government in their use of intelligence relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. (14th Jul 2004)
20th The Queen unveils a memorial fountain to Diana, Princess of Wales. (6th Jul 2004)
50th A bomb planted by the Provisional IRA exploded in the Tower of London, killing one person and injuring 41. (17th Jul 1974)
60th Winston Churchill retires from the House of Commons at the age of 89. (28th Jul 1964)
60th The Post Office Tower in London is completed, although it does not begin operation until October 1965. (15th Jul 1964)
60th More than 300 people are injured in Liverpool when a crowd of some 150,000 people welcome The Beatles back to their home city. (10th Jul 1964)
70th Donald McGill, the artist of saucy seaside postcards, found guilty of breaching the Obscene Publications Act 1857. (15th Jul 1954)
70th The BBC broadcasts its first television news bulletin. (5th Jul 1954)
70th Fourteen years of rationing during and following World War II comes to an end when meat officially comes off ration. (4th Jul 1954)
75th Initial flight of the de Havilland Comet, the first jet-powered airliner. (27th Jul 1949)
80th The first German V-2 rocket hits Great Britain. (26th Jul 1944)
80th Release of Laurence Olivier's Henry V, the first work of Shakespeare filmed in colour. (12th Jul 1944)
90th Opening of the Queensway Tunnel beneath the River Mersey by King George V. (18th Jul 1934)
225th The Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-Fran´┐Żois Bouchard during Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign. (15th Jul 1799)
850th William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173-1174, is captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England. (13th Jul 1174)


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