Major Historical Anniversaries in May 2019

I often wonder what significant anniversaries are due at some point in the future as some of them might be of interest as triggers for blog posts or visits somewhere. However, it is often difficult to find out quickly what events have significant anniversaries - hence this section on the website.

By "significant anniversaries", I mean dates that are not, for example, the 73rd anniversary of something, but the 50th, 100th, 200th etc.

It should help to flag up interesting events.

Significant anniversaries during May 2019

5th A major fire damages Glasgow School of Art, one of Scotland's most iconic buildings. (23rd May 2014)
10th Whitelee Wind Farm, the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, officially opens in Scotland. (22nd May 2009)
10th After a long campaign by Gurkha veterans who served in the British Armed Forces before 1997, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announces that all Gurkha veterans who have served four years or more in the British Army before 1997 will be allowed to settle in Britain. (21st May 2009)
10th The Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin, announces his resignation from the office after coming under criticism for his handling of the ongoing expenses row. (19th May 2009)
10th The Daily Telegraph obtains a full copy of MPs' expenses claims, and begin publishing them prior to the official parliamentary publication date of 1 July, reigniting the MPs' expenses controversy. (8th May 2009)
20th Phase 1 of the Jubilee Line extension of the London Underground opens between Stratford and North Greenwich. (14th May 1999)
20th First elections to the devolved Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly held. (6th May 1999)
25th Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have dinner at the Granita restaurant in Islington and allegedly make a deal on who will become the leader of the Labour Party, and ultimately, the next Prime Minister. (31st May 1994)
25th The Camelot Group consortium wins the contract to run the UK's first National Lottery. (25th May 1994)
25th John Smith (Labour Party leader) dies suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack in London. (12th May 1994)
25th Release of Scottish group Wet Wet Wet's cover of the song Love Is All Around, as featured in Four Weddings and a Funeral. It will spend 15 consecutive weeks at number one in the UK Singles Chart, the longest spell ever attained by a British act. (9th May 1994)
25th Queen Elizabeth II and French President François Mitterrand officiate at the opening of the Channel Tunnel. (6th May 1994)
30th Sonia Sutcliffe, wife of "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe, is awarded £600,000 in High Court damages against the satirical magazine Private Eye. (24th May 1989)
30th A police raid on a suspected drugs operation at a public house in the Heath Town district of Wolverhampton, leads to a riot in which up to 500 people throw missiles and petrol bombs at police officers. (24th May 1989)
30th Walshaw Dean Lodge, West Yorkshire, enters the UK Weather Records with the Highest 120-min total rainfall at 193 mm. (19th May 1989)
30th Margaret Thatcher completes ten years as prime minister – the first British prime minister of the 20th century to do so. (4th May 1989)
40th Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (4th May 1979)
50th The British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 departs on her maiden voyage to New York City. (2nd May 1969)
80th Dorothy Garrod is elected to the Disney Professorship of Archaeology in the University of Cambridge, the first woman to hold an Oxbridge chair. (6th May 1939)
80th The Sutton Hoo treasure is excavated between May to September. (1st May 1939)
125th The Manchester Ship Canal in England is officially opened by Queen Victoria, who knights its designer Sir Edward Leader Williams. (21st May 1894)
175th The Glaciarium, the world's first mechanically frozen ice rink, opens. (6th May 1844)
350th Citing poor eyesight, Samuel Pepys records the last event in his diary. (31st May 1669)
800th William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke -- the "greatest knight who ever lived" dies. (14th May 1219)



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