Major Historical Anniversaries in February 2021

I often wonder what significant anniversaries are due at some point in the future as some of them might be of interest as triggers for blog posts or visits somewhere. However, it is often difficult to find out quickly what events have significant anniversaries - hence this section on the website.

By "significant anniversaries", I mean dates that are not, for example, the 73rd anniversary of something, but the 50th, 100th, 200th etc.

It should help to flag up interesting events.

Significant anniversaries during February 2021

5th David Cameron announces that Britain will hold a referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union on 23 June. (20th Feb 2016)
5th BBC Three becomes the first UK television network to become online only, having broadcast for its final night after 13 years as a television channel. (16th Feb 2016)
5th After many years as print newspapers, it is announced that the UK newspapers The Independent and the Independent on Sunday will cease to print and become online-only at the end of March. Its stablemate, the i, will be sold to Johnston Press. (12th Feb 2016)
5th Storm Imogen hits Britain, causing thousands of power outages and structural damage across the country, along with disruption for many commuters. (8th Feb 2016)
5th The High Court gives permission for Lord Lucan to be declared dead, and for a death certificate to be issued 42 years after his disappearance. (3rd Feb 2016)
5th Scientists are given the go-ahead by regulators to genetically modify human embryos which were to be destroyed in seven days. (1st Feb 2016)
10th Project Merlin, an agreement on aspects of banking activity in the United Kingdom, was agreed between the coalition government and the country's four major high street banks. (9th Feb 2011)
20th Foot and mouth crisis begins. (19th Feb 2001)
50th The decimalisation of British coinage is completed on Decimal Day. (15th Feb 1971)
75th The Bank of England is nationalized. (14th Feb 1946)
90th First edition of the Highway Code published in Great Britain. (14th Feb 1931)
175th John Henry Newman leaves the Church of England and is received into the Roman Catholic Church. (23rd Feb 1846)
225th The Jay Treaty between the United States and Great Britain comes into force, facilitating ten years of peaceful trade between the two nations. (29th Feb 1796)
650th Robert II becomes King of Scotland, beginning the Stuart dynasty. (22nd Feb 1371)


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