The ceramic artistry of the Martin brothers in the Arts and Crafts period

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This event has finished Took place on: Tuesday, 5th Mar 2013

Birds, Beasts and Beyond will showcase a rarely seen group of ceramics made by the renowned Martin brothers.

In the 1860s on Olney Street, just moments from the museum, Robert Wallace Martin had his first studio. Having studied at Lambeth School of Art, he went on to establish a workshop in Fulham and then later in Southall with three of his brothers where their experiments achieved frenzied and erratic success.

Through the unconventional beauty of the ceramics the exhibition will trace the brothers’ progress as artists and reveal their extraordinary imaginations and eccentric personalities. Each piece was designed and crafted by the Martin brothers and their assistants. Experiments with their own kilns, glazes, patterns and forms mean that each piece is unique.

Two of the iconic ‘Wally Birds’ lent from the British Museum will join the many remarkable creations from Southwark’s art collection that are being displayed to the public for the first time in over a century. They will be shown alongside works by other artists from the Arts and Crafts period, including Evelyn and William de Morgan, John Ruskin and Walter Crane.

The unusual and humourous character of ‘Martinware’ provides an entertaining experience that appeals to all ages.

Cost: Free

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Cumings Museum,
Old Walworth Town Hall,
151 Walworth Road ,
London, SE17 1RY


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