The Fan in Europe: 1800 - 1850

This event has finished Took place on: Tuesday, 5th Mar 2013

Drawing from The Fan Museum's renowned collection of fans and fan leaves, The Fan in Europe: 1800-1850 offers fascinating insights into a relatively overlooked period within the history of fans…

In Europe, the first decades of the 19th century witnessed sustained social and political upheaval. The Napoleonic Wars sent reverberations across the continent and affected life on an unprecedented scale.

In France & England, fan-makers and their apprentices downed tools and joined the military, while trading in all manner of goods between countries became increasingly difficult. The so-called 'golden age' of fan-making, typified by the exquisitely crafted confections of the previous century, appeared to reach an abrupt end. Where ivory, tortoiseshell and precious gems were once favoured, bone, horn and sequins came to the fore; but if the materials used to fashion fans were less sumptuous, creativity & ingenuity continued apace and fans continued to reveal the hopes, fears and aspirations of Europe’s disharmonious people.

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The Fan Museum,
12 Crooms Hill,
London, SE10 8ER


Categories: Arts and Crafts | Historical

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