Unbuilt London

Unbuilt London: Elizabeth House, Waterloo

A futuristic arch that would have sliced into the skyline, dominating from some sides, and being almost invisible from others.

Unbuilt London: The Waterloo monument

London is full of monuments to wars and battles, but one is conspicuous by it’s absence, Waterloo – but there was a plan for a triumphal arch in central London.

Unbuilt London: Brutalist Whitehall

Whitehall, the heart of government is lined mostly with grand Victorian and Edwardian buildings, but it nearly looked like the Southbank – lots of concrete.

Unbuilt London: Covering Regents Park with housing

Although Regents Park is today a large open space surrounded by grand housing, it very nearly didn’t even exist.

Unbuilt London: Replacing Tower Bridge with a tunnel

Considering how iconic Tower Bridge is as a symbol of London, it’s difficult to believe that just 50 years ago there were plans to replace it with a tunnel.

Unbuilt London: The “railway arcade” above the streets

Imagine if you will of streets lined with decorative arcades that protected Victorians from the weather and above their heads, a marvel of the age – a silent railway without steam.

Unbuilt London: The Southwark Railway Terminus

A scheme once proposed replacing five railway stations in central London with one giant terminus in Southwark.

Unbuilt London: The “figure of eight” tube line

There should be a major junction under Oxford Circus acting as the centre point of a large double-loop tube line, had plans shown off in 1988 gone ahead.

Unbuilt London: The Legal Quays at London Bridge

Just over 200 years ago, a plan was presented to Parliament that could have seen a large section of the City between London Bridge and the Tower of London turned into a series of large docks.

Unbuilt London: Heathrow’s rail links to central London

Although Heathrow Airport has a couple of railway links to central London, they weren’t necessarily the ones that we could have ended up with.

Unbuilt London: The MARS plan to rebuild the entire of London

In the inter-war years, there was a war between two rival camps for urban planning, the high-density housing with lots of communal space, or low-density with lots of private space.

Unbuilt London: Croydon trams extension to Crystal Palace

The South London trams snake around the region offering a convenient east-west link, but once could have also been extended to just outside the former Crystal Palace.

Unbuilt London: The 1,000 Foot Tall Glass Conference Centre

In the 1960s, King’s Cross almost became more famous for a massive glass tower than it was for its nocturnal delights in the seedy bars.

Unbuilt London: The Crystal Span Bridge

Forget garden bridges and wobbly bridges and tower bridges, what we really need in London is a 7-story high crystal bridge!

Unbuilt London: The Museum of London’s glass tower

When you’re a museum in need of some extra space, and maybe a more visible presence in the area, what could be better than a massive and very tall glass tower on your doorstep?

Unbuilt London: A Garden Bridge across the Thames

Long before Joanna Lumley went all AbFab over the idea of a garden bridge across the Thames, there was an earlier, and fortunately, never built plan for a garden bridge.

Unbuilt London: The Docklands Southern Relief Road

Long before the Isle of Dogs was filled with tower blocks, it was seen as a cheap plot of derelict land, and ideal for sticking a major road bypass through.

Unbuilt London: Ludgate’s iron footbridge

A marvel of the industrial age, a mighty iron footbridge permitting safe and quick passage for pedestrians over congested and dirty streets. At least, that was the plan.