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Tickets Alert: Tours of Goldsmiths Hall

One of the grandest of the City’s livery halls, the Goldsmiths is open a few days a year for public tours and the dates for… next year have been announced.

Tickets Alert: The Household Division Beating Retreat

Fancy an evening in Horseguards Parade watching a military precision drill, with cannons, and finished off with fireworks?

Tickets Alert: Free entry to the Transport Museum

It’s the London Transport Museum’s 40th birthday, and their monthly late night opening will be free of charge this month only.

Dine inside the House of Commons this Easter

For a few days next month, it will be possible for ordinary folk to go into Parliament and have lunch in the dining halls of our political masters.

Tickets Alert: Hyde Park Estate Gardens

Four normally private gardens owned by the Church of England will be open in April to visitors.

Enter a ballot to visit 10 Downing Street’s back garden

As part of the annual Open Garden Squares Weekend that takes place later this year, one rather special garden will be open to the public – the one behind 10 Downing Street.

The 60th annual Miglia Quadrato returns in May

For 60 years, one night in May has seen a group of people racing in cars around the City of London trying to solve a treasure hunt.

Tickets Alert: Tweed Run – a classic cycling conviviality

The 12th annual Tweed Run returns to the streets of London in May, as a few hundred well dressed cyclists decoratively perambulate around the city.

Ticket Alerts: Chelsea Pensioner tours

Although tours of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are possible, they’re usually limited to large groups, but for the first time, they’re now starting tours for individuals to book.

Tickets Alert: Ig Nobels and the Festival of Bad Ad hoc Hypotheses

Two lords of geek come together next month for an evening of science and comedy.

Tickets Alert: Help re-chalk the Uffington White Horse

A few years ago, I spent a couple of hours bashing an ancient monument with a hammer, and there’s a chance to do it again.

Tickets Alert: Attend the Dunmow Flitch Trials

Every 4th year, for the past umpteen centuries, a special trial takes place just outside London, and tickets to attend are now on sale.