Churches - Latest news and reviews

Ilford’s oldest building – the Norman era hospital chapel

Hidden behind a high wall, an ancient building in Ilford is not just the oldest building in Ilford, but one of the oldest in the entire of London.

The ancient church serving modern lunches

One of the oldest churches in the City of London has secured a new life, by serving up coffees and sarnies to hungry city workers.

Visit England’s only 18th century hospital chapel

A small door in an old building conceals a chapel to the memory of the man who founded a great hospital.

The magnificently restored Roman Catholic Church of St Monica

A old Roman Catholic church was undergoing restoration when they uncovered something remarkable, and now the restoration is astonishing.

St Paul’s Cathedral drops photography ban

St Paul's Cathedral has decided to allow photography within the building, overturning a ban that was often surreptitiously ignored anyway.

St John the Baptist Church, Aldbury

A tiny village contains an exceptionally old, and magnificent church. This is St John the Baptist Church in Aldbury, near Tring.

Restoring St. Margaret Church’s 300 year old clock

Next to mighty Westminster Abbey is the rather smaller St. Margaret’s Church, and at the moment, the Tudor era tower is covered in scaffolding.

Westminster Abbey’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries

High up above the Nave of Westminster Abbey is a new exhibition space, with incidentally, what has often been described at the "the best view in Europe".

There are now more churches in the UK than pubs

Timely news from the National Church Trust which has been watching the demise of the local pub for the date that the number of pubs sinks below the number of churches.

St Elizabeth of Portugal Church

Dedicated to a 14th-century queen consort of Portugal, it claims to be oldest standing Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Southwark.

A brief look inside St Mary’s Cable Street

There's a rather fine looking church in East London that I have passed on many an occasion with doors locked, but last week, the doors were open, so inside I went.

See inside the Our Lady of Compassion Church

Sitting next to what was once the West Ham football club, and is now a generic housing development is a one-hundred(ish) year old Catholic Church.

Inside the Church of St Anselm and St Cæcilia

This century old church in Holborn is a reminder of anti-catholic protests and a street widening programme to sweep away slumps.

London’s newest Cathedral in Chiswick

Last September London gained a new Cathedral on a quiet residential road in Chiswick -- The Cathedral of the Nativity Of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Royal Martyrs.

Photos from the roof of Southwark Cathedral

Although old churches and Cathedrals are increasingly overlooked by modern towers, they can still offer stunning views of London from their rooftops.