Book review: The Livery Halls of the City of London

Within the City of London are a number of grand livery halls, and as they are mostly private, a richly illustrated book lets us peek behind locked doors.

Book review: Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground

Released to tie in with an exhibition of the same name, this book is a picture rich journey through some of the disused and hidden spaces on the London Underground.

Book review: No. 10: The Geography of Power at Downing Street

In a week that will be rich in political plotting, a timely book looks at how the physical design of 10 Downing Street can affect politics.

Tickets Alert: A guide to London Transport’s moquette patterns

The author of a new book about London Transport’s famous moquette fabrics for its seats will be giving a talk in October about the same topic.

A book about London Underground’s famous Moquette

It’s a curious thing, Moquette, that hard wearing fabric in bold designs that seems to spark strong passions in people. Is it the design, the familiarity, the heritage, the links with London Transport?

Tickets Alert: The XKCD author is visiting London

If you’re the sort of person who reads this blog, then the thought of the XKCD author, Randall Munroe coming to London probably made you let out a little squeak of excitement.

A book of cinema architecture – Odeon Relics

A hardback photo-book showcasing what remains of the iconic cinemas built by Oscar Deutsch in the 1930s.

Tickets Alert: For one night only, a Modern London exhibition

A book launch and exhibition for one night only to show off a range of 200 illustrations of modern London buildings.

Crossrail: The Art of the Build

As Crossrail was being constructed, along with a couple of TV shows, there’s been a number of books published — and the latest is Crossrail: The Art of the Build.

Inside North Korea… inside Foyles

Inside that Mecca to reading can be found a glimpse behind the curtain of one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

Sharing the joy of the post-war prefab homes

Two authors who chronicled the lives of people who lived in the post-war boom in temporary turned permanent prefab homes have written a book.

Art Deco, Modernism & Brutalism in London’s suburbs

A new book is being planned to share the delight of these droplets of architectural shock that permeate the land of lawnmowers, warm ale and Sunday bests.

Free Book – A short history of Roman London

To mark the recent opening of the London Mithraeum, a new book has been published offering a short, but quite comprehensive history of Roman London.

Book review: A Short History of Drunkenness

In this season of merriment and boozing, what better cure for a hangover could there be than to learn a bit about our curious fondness for the intoxicating beverage.

Book review: Model Villages

When the grass was greener, the summers were longer, and skirts were shorter, strange miniature villages started to appear across the land.

Book review: The river’s tale: archaeology on the Thames foreshore

Ten years of archaeological discovery on the Thames has been explored in the first ever book by the Thames Discovery Programme.

Book review: Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations

A new book is rocketing up the best seller lists, and it’s all about railway stations.

Love, law and liberty – Gay literary lives at the British Library

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality between men, and the British Library is taking a look at the literary side of gay love.