Alleys - Latest news and reviews

London’s Alleys: Crescent Row, EC1

This is a curving narrow lane that runs behind rows of houses and offices just to the north of the Barbican estate.

London’s Alleys: Keppel Row, SE1

Keppel Row is a formerly dingy alley in Southwark that's been recently refurbished.

London’s Alleys: Hand Court, WC1

This is a modern looking alley that runs off Holborn, but like many of the area can date its origins to medieval London.

London’s Alleys: Exchange Court, WC2

This is of the many little alleys that lead off from Strand as a legacy of the times the area was first developed.

London’s Alleys: Hare Place, EC4

What looks like a short gap under some shops is an alley that used to be so much longer than it is today.

London’s Alleys: Tower Court, WC2

This is a quiet little space just a heartbeat from the bustling Covent Garden.

London’s Alleys: Angel Court, SW1

You're looking at the picture below and thinking this alley is going to be all about the pretty pub, but no, it's the boring snoring office block next door that's the protagonist in this alley tale.

London’s Alleys: Newman’s Court, EC3

This narrow alley off Cornhill lined with a mix of old bricks opens to a court space, and was once home to the offices of Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge

London’s Alleys: Cosmo Place, WC1

This is an alley of mixed appearances, with a claimed link to the madness of King George III.

London’s Alleys: Rose Court, E1

Rose Court is a rather unappealing alley that looks like it's probably modern but is a relic of older times. It's also sufficiently small as to rarely appear on any maps.

London’s Alleys: Great Turnstile, WC2

This is the greater of three turnstile alleys in the Holborn alley, although only greater in name not in stature.

London’s Alleys: St Olave’s Court, EC2

This alley near the Guildhall seems to have been in existence since the 11th century.

London’s Alleys: Cranbourn Alley, WC2

This short alley next to Leicester Square is undeniably the underbelly of the glitzy lights of the West End. A dingy space of back doors and air conditioning units, or dubious smells and garish signs. It's perfect.

London’s Alleys: Whitcomb Court, WC2

This is one of those dirty alleys that that overflows with rubbish and mess, but it also has the moon in the midst of its grime and clutter.

London’s Alleys: Quality Court, WC2

Quality Court off Chancery Lane is most appropriately named, being an upmarket concealed courtyard space.