Alleys - Latest news and reviews

London’s Alleys: Nun Court, EC2

This is an alley with a very grand entrance that leads to a tiny dead end back passage that seems at first glance quite insignificant.

London’s Alleys: Crown Court, EC2

This dead-end of a rather posh looking alley is claimed to have royal connections in medieval times.

London’s Alleys: Queen’s Yard, W1

At the top of Tottenham Court Road this most appropriately named alley was until recently home to the government's private art collection.

London’s Alleys: Argyle Walk, WC1

Sometimes you come across an alley that looks interesting, but is probably new, but turns out to be ancient.

London’s Alleys: Crawford Passage, EC1

This alley just around the corner from Farringdon Station is the famous one with the weird double yellow lines.

London’s Alleys: Moorgate Place, EC2

A short alley with a narrow covered passage that then curves around to a grand street with impressive buildings.

London’s Alleys: Tokenhouse Yard, EC2

This alley is both long and grand, but also has an utterly delightful narrow tunnel at one end.

London’s Alleys: Barbers Alley, E13

This long wide alley was an alley turned into a road and now back into an alley and passes to the north of a now demolished Tudor mansion in Plaistow.

London’s Alleys: Corbet Place, E1

This is a narrow passage in Spitalfields that's the legacy of slum clearances in Victorian times.

London’s Alleys: Long’s Court, WC2

This is one of those alleys that exist today purely to give access to back entrances and store rubbish. Yet it was once lined with houses and offices, and a very famous occupant.

London’s Alleys: St Benet’s Place, EC3

The alley is named after the former parish of St Benet de Garscherche, later St Benet Gracechurch, a long since demolished City church.

London’s Alleys: Dollar Bay Place, E14

This is an old alley route through the docks, with a name that's both a WW2 legacy, and a recently built tower block.

London’s Alleys: Crescent Row, EC1

This is a curving narrow lane that runs behind rows of houses and offices just to the north of the Barbican estate.

London’s Alleys: Keppel Row, SE1

Keppel Row is a formerly dingy alley in Southwark that's been recently refurbished.

London’s Alleys: Hand Court, WC1

This is a modern looking alley that runs off Holborn, but like many of the area can date its origins to medieval London.