There sits inside the British Museum a collection of bank notes and coinage — and an exceptionally rare Dr Who branded bank note.


Sadly, never formally issued by any real bank, it was one of a batch made to deal with the legal ban on producing fake bank notes. In the 2006 Christmas special episode, a scene called for a cashpoint to spit out a load of banknotes.

To use real bank notes would be too risky with an audience of low-paid actors in the street, but its illegal to print fake bank notes that look real, and the Bank of England has strict rules about how to print fakes for TV shows.

Hence, a fakish bank note, one that would probably look like a bank note on TV, but would never be accepted as real in a shop.

Promising to pay the bearer upon demand ten satsumas, the ten pound note is decorated with the face of the then Doctor, as played by David Tennant.

If you look very carefully, where the signature of the governer of the Bank would usually go, in this case it has been signed by Peter McKinstry, Chief Numpty. He is a real person, and less a numpty than an artist who worked on Dr Who for five years.


You can find the Dr Who bank note in Room 68 of the British Museum

It’s a curiosity that the fake £10 note is probably worth vastly more than a real one. They literally printed money.

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3 comments on “The Dr Who branded £10 bank note
  1. Tracy says:

    How do you know it’s not just psychic paper? You might be seeing what they want you to see!

  2. larry says:

    hi, do you know what the other side looks like? is it the same ?

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