Had you been waiting for a train on parts of the Central Line on Saturday you might have had a slight delay due to a special service passing through.


Normally when a special service is advertised, then usually it’s a broken down train limping home to its depot for a repair, but just occasionally, they are actually quite special.

Well, special to some of us who delight in seeing unusual train movements, and while most of the people on the platform stared into the distance, a few swiftly pulled out cameras to capture what was passing by.

An engineering locomotive pulling old train sleepers and tracks.

Not hugely unusual, but certainly not the average train you would see in the middle of the afternoon.






No, I didn’t plan to photograph the train, I just happened to be in the station when I noticed the forthcoming special train, so decided to skip a few normal trains to see if it was anything interesting. I nearly wet myself though — not from geekish excitement, but because the delay proved perilous following a fourth cup of coffee earlier.

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4 comments on “Special train service on the Central Line
  1. George says:

    I hope it did its maiden-auntish LT whistle as it went through 🙂

  2. Roger Rowley says:

    I’ve seen a special pass through a station and they where shooting a film on it as it was only a few carriages long

  3. Alexander Hine says:

    In the 1990’s there was an engineering train that always run between the first two Westbound Piccadilly trains in the early morning. Ir showed Northfields on the Train Indicator on the Platform.

  4. Timmy! says:

    I was once in Tufnell Park station when myself and fellow passengers stirred to get on a Tube train only for it to be one of these engineering trains. We were bemused and then amused by the sight of a driver in the rear engine looking bored out of his mind. Then we were covered in dust – which I presume amused the rear driver!

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