As part of the London Open House Weekend, a number of Crossrail building sites will also be opening their hoardings to the public.

The future Elizabeth line stations at Farringdon, Moorgate will be open to the public — but only by pre-booked tickets.

At Moorgate, visitors will get a birds-eye, platform view of the 55 metre deep shaft plus other works and will have the opportunity to quiz engineers about the construction.

At Farringdon, visitors will access the site viewing platform to view the western and eastern ticket hall construction.

Around 700 tickets are being made available, and booking opens on Monday morning (1st Sept) at 10am.


In addition, you can turn up and go inside at Canary Wharf to go down to the ticket hall and platforms levels.

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5 comments on “Chance to visit some Crossrail building sites
  1. Josh says:

    Far too many NERRRRDS in London. Took less than 3 minutes to sell out.

  2. Dan Tonks says:

    I nailed two Moorgate tickets 😀

  3. Annabel says:

    Sold out by the time I looked! Ah well, the Canary Wharf site is not ticketable, so we will go there.

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