A preview trailer has been released of the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, with some lovely — and suspiciously clean footage of Paddington Station.

Not sure if I should like this or not — generally turning a much loved children’s character over to the CGI wizards at Hollywood usually ends up an awful mess.


However, the film also seems to be set in modern day London, which is probably good for the London tourist board, but it does lack the squeal-out-loud-in-delight opportunity of seeing a steam train arriving in Paddington Station.


And frankly, in these modern times, an unattended bag left like that in the middle of a train station is likely to be blown up by the bomb squad.

Paddington Bear — splattered everywhere.

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One comment on “Paddington Bear movie trailer released
  1. Ian Wright says:

    Will be very interested too see this as they filmed part of the movie on my street this pas winter.