Giant hot-dog passing through Charing Cross tube station

A purveyor of caffinated fizzy drinks thinks that Japanese consumers will find the sight of a massive hot-dog passing through a nearly deserted tube station in London an incentive to purchase its refreshments.


I am not sure why, but what you are left with is the exceptionally bizarre sight below. Yes, a tube station with just one passenger in it.

Tube geeks will doubtless be fully accepting of the idea of giant hot-dogs in tube tunnels, but will be outraged that the exit he uses isn’t the correct one for the Charing Cross station.

Actually, which station is he coming out of?

8 thoughts on “Giant hot-dog passing through Charing Cross tube station

  1. Can you remove auto-play? I’m not sure you would be able, because it’s an external video, so if you can’t, ignore me.

    It’s really annoying when I open several tabs from my RSS reader and one of them starts playing something in the background. It’s specially difficult to find the guilty one if the video isn’t at top and I have to start scrolling every page to find it.

    1. I know it’s annoying, and no I couldn’t figure out how to remove the auto play otherwise I would have.

      Incidentally, if you have multiple tabs open, in Chrome at least, the audio playing one is highlighted with a little speaker icon in the tab.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Ian. Unfortunately, I’m using Firefox, which doesn’t point to the guilty tab :-( .

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