Tube Strike Tube Map

Based on TfL’s info here what I estimate the tube map will look like on strike days.


Click on the image for a much larger version

Edit – Have updated the map this morning with the latest information as per this document.

The map wont be a “live travel service”, so ad-hock closures are not being updated as they happen.

For live travel advice — always stick to the TfL website/twitter accounts.

Memo to self, it seems that even when I print out a list of edits and methodically cross each one off in turn, I still managed to screw up the first three versions of the map. I blame starting work at 6am, or sheer incompetence, which ever you favour.

The version here now should be the definitive map — based on assumptions about what is running on the day.

21 thoughts on “Tube Strike Tube Map

  1. Fantastic idea – many thanks Ian. One correction I think; I don’t think there is any Circle line service at all either – only really important in the west where the branch by itself isn’t running there.

  2. Still showing the Circle Line.

    There won’t really be a service to Olympia will there?

    Why can’t TfL do this, instead of a long impenetrable list?

  3. Looks like a stitch-up by “management” to me – no Vic line N of 7 Sisters or S of Victoria.
    This whole thing could have been avoided if someone had offered negotiations & consultation BEFORE the Ticket Office closure programme was simply announced, with no attempt at conciliation at all.

  4. They have closed Fulham broadway and Westminster on the District line and Canada Water on the Jubilee. Can’t believe that Canda Water closed, that intersected with the Overground!

  5. I’m sick and tired of people making infographics like this just to further their own agenda. This says nothing that an interested person couldn’t find out in 10 seconds.

    How many more times do we have to put up with people making infographics just to get links and traffic. TEXT BASED POSTS ARE THE ONLY PURE CONTENT. NO MORE INFOGRAPHICS!!!

    1. @H8R

      Chunked thinking, old chap. Giveaway symptoms include chunked language (“sickandtired”, “furthertheirownagenda”, “howmanymoretimes”), SHOUTING and especially SHOUTING!!! WITH!!!!! EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!, and, of course, category mistakes.

      The victim is largely angry because he doesn’t know why he’s angry, and he doesn’t know why he’s angry because he doesn’t know how to actually think.

      Oh – the category mistake: this isn’t an infographic. It’s a map. They’re different things. You could try reading Edward Tufte’s stuff. Or try imaging a text-only GPS.

      A map – particularly of something we all think we know by heart – is useful when the topography moves from the known to the unknown. Ian’s clever and helpful map lets us look at the Underground as it will be, not as we think it is, and work out our journeys accordingly. Thank you, Ian. Stiff whisky, a good reading-list and an early night for Mr H8R.

  6. Of course running services mean nothing if there aren’t staff at stations. It would be interesting to see a post mortem of what the actual service levels were like.

    I pity the poor people who had the horror of walking a bit further from their central London train terminus to work today.

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