The Transport Museum is running another of their occasional vintage tube train trips next month, and managed to secure access down to Heathrow Airport again.

Inside the carriages - 2

In fact the vintage train will do something that the modern trains can’t do — namely visit all three Heathrow stations.

The train will travel from Acton Town to Heathrow, going round the Heathrow loop by visiting Terminals 4, 123 and 5, reverse in the sidings and returning back to Acton Town.

So it’s a slightly shorter trip than some previous trips, but also avoids the problems of running the train through a busy centre of London.

As usual with these trips, apart from the novelty of travelling on an old art-deco inspired tube train, it’s the expressions on people’s faces when the old red train passes through stations that enliven the journey.

From shock and surprise at the sight of the old train on the tracks, to annoyance that “a train” pulled in and left without collecting passengers — all good fun.

The trip is on Sunday 29th September at 12:30pm.

Tickets for this journey are priced at £20 per person. Tickets can be booked via the Transport Museum’s booking office on 020 7565 7298.

At High Barnet - 1

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  1. Ronnie

    I went on this in 2011, and it was really good. So funny seeing tourists at Heathrow trying to board the train and looking shocked when its carried on going.

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