Just a quick note for those who like doing different things — but TfL is conducting trials of new roundabout designs that may, possibly, be safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

ph_Dutch_RoundaboutsA bit of a hot potato politically as the cyclist lobby is exceptionally vocal.

As noted by the BBC, there are trials, described as happening “at a research laboratory in Berkshire”.

A single sentence in their article said: “Members of the public can participate in the trials.”

What! How?

Simple really – fill in this form and be willing to spend half a day at their test centre between Wokingham and Bracknell.

If nothing else, it’s something different to do, and you can go home feeling that you contributed in your own small part to road safety improvements.

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  1. martxw

    Signed up – it’s just round the corner from me. Not that I’m a cyclist – I never managed to learn, and ride horses ‘cos they keep upright automatically. I assume horses follow the safe cycle route round the roundabouts?

    Oh, and I love that, after completing the form, it takes you to a page that says “Thank You”, with a link labelled “I am looking for more specific information on Thank You”, that takes you to a form where you can ask a specific question regarding “Thank You”. I resisted the temptation to test for recursion.

    • martxw

      Just finished an afternoon driving round at the TRL, even though I only volunteered as a pedestrian. It didn’t feel as much of a stressful driving test as I’d thought it might be. Each arm of the roundabout tries out different combinations of lanes and markings. Some of the markings are quite confusing, but overall there’s something good in there. I didn’t ask the cyclists, but as a driver it was nice having cyclists channeled away and crossing at right angles with obvious give way rules. There was just quiet traffic testing today – I couldn’t guess how they’d work with cars, bikes & pedestrians coming from all angles.

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