Regular users of Millwall Park at the bottom end of the Isle of Dogs may have been surprised to see a tall lattice tower suddenly arrive over the past few days and spring upwards.

A flapping notice on one of the protective fences confirms that this is related to the Olympics – specifically the arena events in Greenwich Park on the opposite side of the river.

Millwall Park camera cable pylon

The thin structure is supported by guy cables which have been rammed into the ground in a manner that is not unlike impacting missiles.

Millwall Park camera cable pylon

Millwall Park camera cable pylon

The tower has been installed by Unusual, who may have supplied the security guard who came out to watch as I wandered around taking photos.

The 92 metre tall tower has a mate on the other side, right up by the top of the Greenwich Observatory – from whence a camera will observe downwards at the Olympian events below.

Sadly, the park is sealed off as part of the ongoing Olympian security clampdown, so the closest photos I can get is from outside.

Greenwich Park camera cable pylon

The lattice tower looks more substantial than it’s northern partner, and even comes with its own lift to carry people up to the top platform – presumably for servicing the camera units that will ride the cables when it is finished.

Talking of which, the cables should be drawn across the Thames to link the two towers in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At 50 metres high, this could be London’s highest diving board.

Greenwich Park camera cable pylon

A few more photos here.

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  1. Kevin

    Have you seen any of the footage from the camera? It is pretty impressive. I was at the individual showjumping final today and saw the towers, cables and camera, and then saw footage on the big screen and then again on tv/laptop when i got home.

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