A warning message to ships on the Thames, that three cables are be carried across the river to link Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs in a manner very similar to that used for the Dangleway by the Millenium Dome a couple of months ago.

What is this? A second Cable car across the Thames?

Well, it turns out its an Olympic thing – and temporary, and sadly while it will be for a cradle to whiz back and forth across the river, it seems that it will be devoid of humans – it’s for a TV camera.

According to the notice from the PLA, there will be rigging of cables across the river between the Old Naval College and Millwall Park, which will be undertaken by contractors; working on behalf of LOCOG.

The plan to to erect a 50 metre high tower in Greenwich Park, to the south of the General Wolfe Statue. Its counterpart will be a massive 92 metre high tower in Millwall Park on the Isle of Dogs. That’s about half the height of the Crystal Palace TV towers.

The mast is due to be similar to a temporary crane, being of lattice type design.

The cable will be 1,580 metres in length and be 59 metres above the river at high tide to ensure the safe passage of ships (particularly it seems, HMS Ocean which will be based at Greenwich). The camera is to allow aerial images of the Olympic Games at the Greenwich Park to be seen worldwide without the need to use helicopters.

As a structure, it would probably be fairly impressive, as that is an incredibly long span between the towers, which are themselves going to be very noticeable.

The rigging work will take place on the 14th-15th July, and I may trot along to watch the cable stringing event – at least I wont be locked onto a river pier this time!

The real question is – will they let us take a trip across on a maintenance cradle?

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  1. Paul

    I wondered what the structures were. I guessed they were Olympics related due to a NOTAM extending to September. Really curious as to how they string the cables as they have many obstructions on their way from Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs. There was a hefty cherry picker at Island Gardens and a similar one I could see in the grounds of the naval college.

    Bit surprised when I woke up Sunday and saw two cables floating 600ft in the air! Looks like there’s four cables altogether, would make a great zip line.

  2. Kevin

    Have you seen any of the footage from the camera? It is pretty impressive. I was at the individual showjumping final today and saw the towers, cables and camera, and then saw footage on the big screen and then again on tv/laptop when i got home.


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