The annual Rickmansworth Festival is in a couple of weeks time, and as usual, the London Transport Museum will be there with vintage buses to ferry people between Rickmansworth Station and the Festival at Batchworth Lock.

Also, the restored 1938 era tube train — complete with adverts from the 1980s when it was withdrawn from service — will be offering trips along the Metropolitan Line.

There will be four trips offered, and the price quoted is per adult, and the ticket allows up to 3 children to go free.

Book tickets via the LTM website or you can pick up any unsold seats on the day.

Inside the carriages - 2

Long term readers will know I am rather keen on these vintage trips, even if only to watch the looks of astonishment from people on the platforms as the “wrong train” pulls in to the station – and then departs without collecting anyone.

Date: Sunday 20 May 2012

Journey 1 (30 minutes) £5 

  • 10:40 Harrow-on-the-Hill
    • 10:45  Harrow-on-the-Hill (depart)
    • 11:02 Rickmansworth
  • 11:15 Amersham

Journey 2 (1 hour)  £10

  • 11:38  Amersham (depart)
    • 11:52  Rickmansworth
    • 12:06   Harrow-on-the-Hill (arrive)
    • 12:09   Harrow-on-the-Hill (depart)
    • 12:24   Rickmansworth
  • 12:41   Amersham

Journey 3  (1 hour)  £10

  • 13:12 Amersham (depart)
    • 13:26 Rickmansworth
    • 13:40   Harrow-on-the-Hill (arrive)
    • 13:45   Harrow-on-he-Hill (depart)
    • 14:02 Rickmansworth
  • 14:15 Amersham

Journey 4 (1 hour, 40 minutes) £15

  •  14:38  Amersham
    • 14:52  Rickmansworth
    • 15:06    Harrow-on-the-Hill (arrive)
    • 15:15    Harrow-on-the-Hill (depart)
    • 15:32  Rickmansworth
    • 15:45  Amersham (arrive)
    • 15:53  Amersham (depart)
    • 16:07  Rickmansworth
  • 16:21    Harrow-on-the-Hill

Book tickets via the LTM website.

They usually have the Sarah Siddons electric locomotive there as well, and the LTM website was mentioning that until today, so I presume something is unhappy with the electrics.

At High Barnet - 1

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  1. David

    Sunday 20th may? Could you check

    • IanVisits

      What’s wrong with the date?

    • David

      please ignore / delete… misread the dates. hope to make it, looks great

  2. Graham Tanner

    On Sat 19th there is a flypast by the BBMF at Rickmansworth at about 12.30 local time, so this may be connected?

    Last year there was a ‘canal festival’ at this time, so maybe it’s this years event.

  3. I also love it when people look confused when this old train turns up. But I actually prefer it when they don’t even notice and look confused by the fact that the doors won’t open!

  4. Louise

    We booked but received a call today from LTM saying these trips are cancelled. Does anyone know why?

    • IanVisits

      Did they not say when they phoned you?

    • Paul Vincent

      From the London Transport Museum website: “Unfortunately, due to essential track power maintenance, we are now unable to run the 1938 tube train as part of the Rickmansworth Festival.”

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