There is rarely any need to have an excuse to eat bacon, but this coming Monday offers a good reason to munch on the porcine morsels – for it is Collop Monday.

Rather overlooked now, Collop Monday was traditionally the day before Shrove Tuesday (aka, pancake day) and would have been part of the Shrovetide celebrations during the days before Lent.

The collops of which it is named from refers to meat — traditionally cured meats such as bacon — and would be eaten to use up the last of the cured meats that were not expected to be edible once Lent was over and eating meats was allowed again.

A traditional supper would consist of thick slices of bacon along with eggs, and the fats could be saved for the following day to help with making the pancakes.

I think eating a bacon based meal the evening before pancake day is a tradition that should be restored.

Mudchute City Farm in the snow

A future bacon supply at Mudchute City Farm.

In Cornwall, they also have a tradition akin to Halloween’s trick or treat, known as Nickanan Night which is carried out on Collop Monday.

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  1. Pigs are, like all animals, sentient beings and as intelligent, arguably more so than the dogs we welcome into our homes and love as a members of our own families. Eating pig flesh, such as bacon, is also terrible for your health. 16 million pigs are killed every year in the UK and 70% of these are factory farmed in terrible conditions.

    Empathise with pigs, give up eating meat and live a healthier, happier life without this violence on your conscience.

    Check out these links to learn more: &

    • IanVisits

      There is a variant of Godwin’s Law that says any argument supported by a link to the Peta website is automatically invalidated.

    • Mmm Bacon

      Bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    • CojakUK

      mmm… Bacon.

      Between thick buttered white slices of a fresh cottage loaf.

      Must go….

    • I would argue that bacon (and all pork products) is sometimes the most ethical choice as pigs are never victims of non-stunned halal slaughter.

  2. Andrew

    Less Lust, By Less Protein… And Sitting.

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