By prior agreement, when the secret signal was delivered, the Acolytes of Gormley were instructed to muster in their local playing fields for a mass participation event.

Sponsored by the National Lottery’s Department for Funding Obscure Art Things, the Acolytes of Gormley waited until at least 2 inches of snow had lain over the ground. Then slowly and with increasing vigour, they started to pile up the snow.

Some chose to pile the snow into a circular pile rising upwards, others rolled a snowball around the field collecting snow from the ground until it had reached the desired size. Three different sized balls would be constructed converging on a single point, they were mounted on top of each other.

By agreement with BigOilCorp’s arts sponsorship, approved supplies of decorative additions will be supplied in the form of GM carrots and lumps of petrol station charcoal.

As the hours passed, increasing numbers of snow sculptures were born from the snow covered landscape – each bearing the trademark of Antony Gormley’s obsession with human shaped art – each snowy sculpture being a representation of a snowman.

Some large human sized representations, others being but tiny edifices sitting on window ledges or garden walls.

Today the UK gained tens of thousands of temporary art installations.

Tomorrow, they will be formless shapes in pale memory of the people who gave them fleeting life.

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